Two Hand Tapping 'Halloween' Theme Song Lesson With Uncle Ben

Join good ol' Uncle Ben on a very special Halloween episode of "Weekend Wankshop"!

Ultimate Guitar
Suckamaniacs! Uncle Ben is ringing in the Halloween season with a special treat just for you guys. I love Halloween, the season, and the incredible movie by John Carpenter! It's got to be one of the all time best horror movies of all time. Everything about it is classic, including the synth soundtrack written and played by John Carpenter himself! It's so simple, but so cool and memorable. So, I'm here with a lesson on how to play it on the guitar with some two handed tapping!

Grab your finest ax, light some candles, carve up a jack o'lantern, and get in the spirit! I'm going to be doing a bunch of spooky stuff for you guys ALL MONTH, so stay tuned for more scary movie goodness.

Gear: Ibanez RG520, Dimarzio Gravity Storm neck, Kemper Profiler, severed head, rat.

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    Nice lesson! Typically I'm not a big fan of your guitars, just not my cup of tea aesthetically. But that one is beautiful!