Why You Think Sweeping Is Hard (And Why You're Wrong)

author: KevinGoetz date: 11/05/2013 category: soloing
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Why You Think Sweeping Is Hard (And Why You're Wrong)
Sweep picking is, in my mind, without a doubt the most puffed-up, overly worshipped technique in the shred guitar arsenal. Beginners who try to get into the technique are often very intimidated because, according to their peers, it's apparently some absurdly difficult trick that runs counter-intuitive to everything they've come to understand about guitar. I disagree. I think that this attitude is not only unfounded, but it serves to make sweeping into a harder and harder goal for beginners to attain. There's a mental block (or several) at work when we attempt to practice something with this sort of attitude in mind. In the following video lesson, I intend to showcase an alternative point of focus for aspiring sweep-pickers, that will hopefully resolve this mental block and make the technique far easier to grasp. Included in the video's description is a tab that will also outline the basic arpeggios. Enjoy!
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