6 Tips for Guitar Songwriting

With the study and application of the tips offered in this lesson players will have new ways to compose and arrange during their next songwriting session.

Ultimate Guitar
A lot of musicians will find that after moving through the process of learning their; scales, chords, harmonies and playing techniques, (and who then move on to first transcribing and ultimately composing their own musical pieces), will often go through a period of feeling stuck when composing! There's no need to feel discouraged, because after I discuss a number of points associated to this topic, I'm quite positive that you'll have several new directions to take with your songwriting. The ideas presented in this lesson should help to break you out of any kind of rut that you perhaps feel that you're in right now or in the future... In the video lesson I zoom in on the guitar neck and run through six songwriting concepts that players can begin including in their next songwriting session. Watch the video lesson below to learn more:
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Head over to My Website and download the free PDF handout with all of the examples in TAB, as well as, a free MP3 Jam-Track for this guitar lesson.

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    Andrew Wasson is a great teacher, I've subscribed to his YouTube channel and it's been a help to me, personally. Plus he's a fellow GK-3 pickup user!
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