Aspects About Lyrics 2

Part 2. #2 Process of creativity

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Hey dear guitarists, this is part 2, so if you haven't read part 1 yet, follow this link. ... #2 Process of creativity The first lesson explained the main idea of lyrics. But how can you actually do it? How can you develop your own, unique idea and transform it into lyrics? In this lesson, I will answer these questions for you ;) There is one simple thought that describes this process best in my opinion. While everything decreases by usage, love & creativity are the only two things in life that increase by using it. Just think about it another time: Imagine you have a budget of 100 bucks and want to buy a car. I can't. So you buy something less valuable for example an effect for your guitar. After that, your budget is empty and that's the end of the story. But imagine you had a budget of money that works just like creativity: You buy your effect for the guitar, and you have 200 dollars left! You buy a small amp, and you have another 300 dollars more than before! You buy another guitar and have 1200. And so on and on. In the end, you are able to buy that car - but with a huge difference: You have lots of things, you have even your car and you have more money than when you began! Unfortunately, it's not how reality works. ;) The basic step of improving your creativity is using it. Just do it. Here are some tips on how to use it: ... I) Painting / Graffiti / Drawing It might sound weird, but you really can improve your creative skills concerning writing lyrics by doing other art-related things which have no direct connection to music at all! Why? Because it simply works! I don't think that you can really divide the brain in hundreds of small parts to categorize every movement. Of course there are areas which are more active while making music than others, but in the end, it's our complete brain that is satisfied with the results. I'm not an expert, but I guess that all creative activities share one big part of the brain. I am sure, that every creative thought (even if it's a creative thought to solve a hard math problem) stimulates this "creativity area" in the brain, too. Instead, I've heard that watching TV and other "Watch only, but don't think too much"-activity decrease your mental abilities. Ironically, I think Bart Simpson once said that watching TV killed his creativity. :D I summarize that every thing you do, every problem you solve and every challenge you beat increases your creativity and might also support your songwriting work. ... II) Improvising (on any instrument) This aspect is NOT the result of some logical thoughts, it is scientifically proven: Playing Jazz improves your creative skills. Jazz musicians (and others who improvise a lot) outstandingly average creative. It's because they simply don't care if they are once hitting a "wrong" note and guess what: By not giving a damn, they sound just awesome. All notes give one unique melody. This leads to a reduction of fear and of self-censoring. You don't care and get better instantly. Songwriters can use the same phenomenon, but first of all, once again, this is another way to increase your creativity. ... III) Auto-creative writing I personally love this technique, it's called auto-creative writing. It is - obviously - a process a concrete relation to creativity. How does it work? You need a sheet of paper and a pen, and you simply start writing whatever comes to your mind. Sounds chaotic right? The first words and lines will seem a little weird, in my case, there are always basic word like "chair" "tree" for example, it doesn't make sense at all. When thinking of another word try to connect them together. Our brain thinks in pictures, so you simply take those single words which describe most. After a while, you'll get a whole scene. As soon as words seem to make sense, there is no need to think or control your words anymore. Just write and you will get an impressive story :) Honestly, this technique seems totally out of place, maybe even like a waste of time, but it isn't. It's both chilling your mind and improving your expressions and metaphors. ... IV) Learning by doing This last aspect is simple: You grow with every challenge, so with every song you write your melodies get better, with every word you think about, your expression gets improved. ... Conclusion: There are lots of techniques to improve your creativity, so after all, it's up to you to take the chance and don't waste your time with unimportant stuff, but instead with anything that challenges your mind. And whatever you do, do it with courage and think of improvement. I'll finish this lesson with a quote from Boris Becker, a German tennis player: "I don't think about the balls I missed, I concentrate on this only one which is coming right now towards me" If your pictures are ugly, if your solo suck, if your auto-creative writing sounds like a 2-year old kid trying speak, then don't cry, but improve yourself- next time. Oh, ok, just one more quote from some ancient Japanese guy: "Stupid people learn from their mistakes, intelligent ones learn from the mistakes other people did" ;) Just think about it ;) your Martin Messner

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