Aspects About Lyrics 3

#3 (Sometimes) Words Don't Need A Deep Meaning

Ultimate Guitar
Hey songwriting person xD This is part 3 of the series. If you haven't read part 1/2 yet, do it now. ... #3 (Sometimes) Words Don't Need A Deep Meaning From the first part you know that details don't matter to much. Even sense is not of importance sometimes! At this point, I need to pronounce that senseless lyrics only works in some genres especially when you use screaming, growling and similar "unorthodox" voices. The reasons for it are simple: 1) People are not likely to understand what you're singing anyway. 2) People don't care about lyrics because the music is aggressive and fast. 3) People are not into "deep lyrics" - they just want brutally simple things! So if you are not able to figure out some non-deep lyrics, then there are some hints for you: ... I) Freud's "Id versus super-ego" theory I need to quickly explain this theory to those of you who don't know it. Freud divides your ego into 3 parts: The "Id": It is the beast inside yourself. The only tasks it does is avoiding pain and seeking for pleasure. It doesn't care about other people, it just knows its own basic drives - and will do anything to reach its goal. The "Super-Ego": This is the part of the brain which forces you to follow your bigger aims, to fulfill peoples expectations about you and to act morally as perfect as possible. The flesh is unimportant, the idea of it is important. The "Ego": This is the level between the "Id" and the "Super-Ego". This is the only sphere we can control and we are trying to find a compromise between the two contrary aims. For Example: You are at a train station, waiting for your train to come. You are having a seat while an old woman has to be standing. - the Id says: "Stay seated! It's more comfortable to sit than to stand so why should you give this comfort up?" - the Super-Ego says:"Stand up! This woman is old, it hurts her more to stand around there and wait. Also, you need to show repect for elderlies!" - the Ego decides :"Should I stand up? Should I stay seated? I need to decide now..." ... So how does this help us with lyrics? When you are trying to think of lyrics, you are just focusing on the "id". All you need is to ask yourself one simple question: Ask "What do I want?" and answer it! So if you want e.g. money then write about you driving expansive cars, having a huge castle filled with guitars, servants and personal female slave. Or if you want e.g. sexual contact then write about what you want in particular. (I skip that due to forum rules) ;) ... The only things you have to keep in mind are: - never filter your thoughts: Write it like you mean it! Don't think about others' opinion about it. - never filter your words: Even if the words which are coming in your mind are considered as "bad" words, just write them. ... II) Easy Writing After a while, you will feel really comfortable with lyrics. You can express yourself better and so you are able to write faster. This process of increasing your speed is natural - and you can advantage from it. All you need to do is trying to write as fast as possible. Set a time limit for example 5 - 15 minutes. Within this time, you want a complete song text on your screen. This is mention in lesson part 2 as "auto-creative writing" - with the little difference that you are focusing a bit harder and with an aim (-> a songtext). What will happen? Your brain rushes and skips all filters and barriers. Its only task: Write, write as fast as you can! The result: Really easy lyrics. No deep sense, no metaphors, just a really honest message to the world. ... III) Absolute non-sense lyrics By now, your lyrics are just brutally simple - but not completely non-sense! It's a loose chain of words or syllables and their only purpose is to assist the song rhythmically. KoRn's songs often contain such voice-violating elements, for example: B.B.K. - at 2:39 Freak On A Leash - at 2:34 Twist - complete song I guess there is no point in "writing these parts down", you must feel what you are singing. For practicing it a bit, I recommend beat boxing or listening to rap music. Oh yes, you heard right: I am saying that you'll learn heavy music lyrics by listening to Hip Hop and Rap. It is because these sounds use beat boxing rhythms or "rap melodies", but just add far more pressure and screaming to it! ... Since we dealt with the superficial and non-sense lyrics in this part, the next part will cover poems and classic forms of poetry. have a nice day your Martin Messner :)

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    The lessons form a good series but I must disagree on the notion that if you are growling, the lyrics can't be deep meaning. And in the KoRn songs, those parts are really hard to sing.
    wouldn't that korn stuff be considered scat singing? also I agree with flamegame that growling doesn't need to be meaningless.... infact doesn't it need to have more feeling behind it, or the singer needs to have a pretty strong connection to it, for it to fit?
    Martin Messner
    FlameGame wrote: The lessons form a good series but I must disagree on the notion that if you are growling, the lyrics can't be deep meaning. And in the KoRn songs, those parts are really hard to sing.
    Right, but the trick is to not think about a meaning at first. Later - when you are more advanced- the meaning comes immediately with the song itself. The series is a journey from "uncreative, boring lyrics" up into the summit of the "awesome, deep and fascinating lyrics". I'll guess I'll point that point out another time.
    haha, I thought I was gonna find something "weird" in KoRn's lyrics, Jonathan Davis's Scat singing, quite normal, got used to it long ago... mmm, I'll try these things out...
    "twist - whole song" made me laugh haha. me and my mates used to 'sing' that at all the time.