Chika's Songwriting Tips

A few suggestions for getting started on original material and my favorite ways to start a new song.

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I have previously spoken to a lot of people about this and they all seem to struggle on how to get started on songwriting and creating their own material. To be quite honest I was shocked at this. Basically I told them a few of the ways I start writing and they liked my tips so I thought I'd share them with you!! <3

1. Sometimes I'll be out and about and suddenly the most amazing song idea will pop into my head! If I don't write it down I'm sure to forget it so I always carry some form of paper around with me; whether a book in a bag or just an old receipt in a pocket. It's best to always have pen and paper to write on.

(I'll then go home and expand on my idea.)

2. If I'm just in the mood to write a song but nothing comes to mind I start mind-mapping words. For example: I once ended up mind-mapping the word "clock." I got the words never-ending, countdown, time, past, present, future and then from future; destiny. My song ended up being titled "Countdown to Destiny" and I'm super happy with the outcome.

3. There can be a rare occasion where I sit writing lyrics as they pour out with musical passion onto my piece of paper. When that happens I like to sit alone, for sometimes more than an hour, just to appreciate the time where I can write without a struggle.

4. Whenever I have some song ideas or lyrics to write down I put them all in one book. This is my song book. I NEVER leave it at home when I'm at school, or when I'm on holidays. It comes nearly everywhere with me. This way, if I see some lyrics I wrote for different songs that could work seriously well together, I can combine different lyrics easily. Without rummaging around in cupboards in my room.

5. As you write try and have a rhythm in mind. If you choose a rhythm afterwards there is no saying the lyrics will definitely fit.

I hope my 5 songwriting tips helped you!! Share your songwriting tips too. If you do any of the things I do then please tell me!

Lots of love from - Chikatakika <3

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    Thank you so much for everyone thats read this!! <3 - Love from Chikatakika