Easy Methods To Write Melodic Riff

In this article I'm trying to show some easy methods of writing melodic riffs for metal or rock music. It requires 1 guitar, or 1 lead and 1 backing guitar.

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In this article I'm trying to show some easy methods of writing melodic riffs for metal or rock music. It requires 1 guitar, or 1 lead and 1 backing guitar.

1st: Single Guitar Melodic Riffs

These are our notes for single guitar melodic riffs. You can make fingering higher or lower if you wish. Now we will make some combinations with these notes. [Note: You can make hundreds of melodies with these notes by eliminating or adding more of them] Use clean tone or acoustic guitar, let ring when play (we'll go to distortion part later). (Use tempo around 100 to 120).
This riff is from "Only For The Weak" by In Flames. With this type of note combination (higher or lower) you can play: "Master Of Puppets" (1st solo), "Fade To Black" (1st solo), some Children Of Bodom's songs, some Eluveitie riffs any many many many more. This is just a single method, lots of other methods exist. One thing worth noting is that I'm not making an attempt to describe it in details & we are not learning any particular song in this article. Now here is some melodic riffs technique with power chord: Here we'll use distortion tone: (you can palm mute 5th string)
Now, this riff is great both on clean tone or distortion tone. [Note: when playing with distortion palm mute 6th string].
I know this doesn't sound what you expect. Because its just main notes what we will improvise. Now prepare to get blown away:
Actually this riff sounds awesome on acoustic guitar with different fingering to allow strings to ring. You can use this technique anywhere on your guitar, in higher or lower, in different style, you'll get awesome melodic riffs. I tried to use easy and famous riffs.

2nd: Double Guitar Melodic Riffs

We'll use power chords here to make it easy for everyone. Let's take 2 guitar with metal distortion tone... Yeah!!! (Use tempo around 100 to 120). Lead Guitar:
Rhythm Guitar (palm mute 6th string):
Feeling the power of Metal Melodic Riff?! You can also play lead guitar's harmony. You can tremolo pick in lead. Like power chord fingering, you can use them into 1st and 2nd string for melody, and sure there will be rhythm. And if possible use tremolo picking. Thanks for reading and hope you liked this article. If you have any comments and/or suggestions on the subject, please leave them below.

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    WTF, UG?!?! How is this... thing even accepted? Horrible "lesson", and utterly pointless. You shouldn't delude yourself into thinking that you can teach other people with stuff like this. Also, the disclaimer at the beginning doesn't stop me from saying this: learn proper grammar before writing something that will be published in a public media for everyone to read .
    Nothing new here. Some good songs can be played with 1 guitar and some with 2.
    Yes, the lesson is horrible but give the guy a break. He looks like a beginner and there is nothing wrong with that, it's UG fault , they shouldn't have accepted this lesson.
    Sorry but this is ridiculous. Also grammar is kinda important when you're trying to write an informative article, as poor grammar can easily distract from the content and might mislead the reader.
    Judging by the author's profile and writing its clear English isn't his first language. But if you're going to publish an article on an English based website then yes, grammar is important. Especially to the audience who will be reading the article. Your message is very unclear. All I got from this was "take some scale fragments and play them over power chords".
    It kind of does require grammatical knowledge since i don't know what the hell you're on about m8
    [Note: You can make hundreds of melodies with these notes by eliminating or adding more of them] Yeah, basicaly, music is adding more notes.
    Didn't read the lesson, but I liked some of the riffs.
    Just read it. Definitely not the worst article on here, and insulting your work behind the comfort of anonymity seems wrong to me for some reason, so I'll just say...good effort?
    I'm a musician myself... Well... Sort of... I just play music occasionally. Check out few of my songs if you're interested. It's on my profile. Sorry for the spam and I really appreciate any kind of lesson I read here.
    Dissappointed... This is VERY novice, i expected more on how they would go around creating melodic riffs. You gave examples, but they were songs that we already knew about. It didnt explain how we would write these riffs. Its more layering than anyhting else.