Exercising Your Imagination

You've probably exercised a lot of muscles during your whole life. But have you ever exercised your imagination?

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This lesson is not going to be a "normal" lesson. It will not include technical aspects, or even theoretical aspects. Today we'll gonna exercise your imagination, so therefore - yours creativity. Every musician is different, there are no two the same characters, and We all have different opinions and thoughts. When we are writing a song, we want to express all this elements that are sitting inside us. One of the best engines that make us write music are feelings. When you jam when you are under some really heavy feelings like sadness, or extremely happiness it can be heard in the music you create. I'd like to show you how to control (or just try to control) all these emotions and pull them out into your own, one and only song. This approach to musical training may look somewhat orthodox but... It surely is! To express something with music, you need to have the feeling inside you. Use all the senses you've got to produce the mood you want to express. Let's start with the first sense: Sight. Let's play an color. What is your favorite? Pick one, and put it in front of your eyes. Let's say it's yellow. Pick a yellow thing and look at it until you will have specific feelings and memories associated with it in your head. Mindset ready? That's great. Now, pick up a guitar and try to play that. What's really yellow for you? Maybe a D#sus4 chord can fit into that feeling? If not, change a note or two. Try to imagine the sound of every color you know. Evoke the feelings and translate them into music. I don't like yellow, my expression of a yellow can be any chromatic chord, huh. The second and third senses: Taste and Smell. Eating is a big pleasure. Smell comes right with the food. Good food smells good, right?Translating various tastes or smells into melodies... Why not? My idea for you is to pick some various things to eat, all in different tastes. They can be different spices, vegetables, fruits or basically anything you can eat. My favorite way to do this is to buy a pack of jelly beans. They come in very various tastes, buy that ones with more than thirty. Pick every one and try to express the taste. There are jelly beans that contain tastes that are... Not-so-tasty, let's say. These are also good examples, just like salt and pepper, or muddy grass. You can divide the small and the taste, but they are very similar experiences to me. Remember, when trying to express, you can do anything musically. Expression can be a chord, melody, scale, riff, chord progression, special vibrato or even a one, particular note. The fourth sense: Touch. Ask someone to tickle you. Put your head under a cold water. Do a somersault, spin until you fall down. Run, lay on the ground. Jump around. Then play it. Not much to say. Do anything and everything. So you now have an idea on how to exercise your creativity muscles. Try other combinations of exercises and really Be creative! It's what it it's all about! Hope I inspired you. If it's true - like my Facebook page. When you will like it, share your sensations with that lesson there! If you want to have to take a look trough theory to songwriting, here is a good lesson on applying music theory in songwriting. Have fun! Daniel Kaczmarczyk, lodzgitara@gmail.com

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    thanks, it's really fun to look to these lessons to make me think of something I hadn't thought of.
    Very strange way for me to write songs..) Thanks, I didn't think about it earlier
    This is a great lesson, IMO its like having 4wd for your imagination, it will be hard to get stuck in a "rut" now..