How to Begin Writing Music (In 5 Basic Steps)

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How to Begin Writing Music (In 5 Basic Steps)
So you've been playing guitar a while now, or maybe not long at all, and you want to dive into creating your own music. There are many ways of approaching writing and some ways can prove really difficult for some guitarists while others seem to have no problem at all. It is all in personal preference and how you want to go about writing. I believe there are 5 basic steps in which every musician/guitar player should think about before starting to write music.

These are the 5 rules that should be followed all the time:

1. Be creative! (Try to do something different from everyone else)

By being creative you open a huge window of opportunities for yourself down the road. Not only will you develop your own unique style very quickly but you will also develop your ear faster, get quicker chops and also be the talk of the town before you know it. If you're on stage, at a campfire, jamming with buddies in their basements or simply just playing by yourself you will start to really enjoy adding your own flavour to songs and especially your own songs. Also don't be afraid of different genres of music. People have their favourites and tend to just stick with one genre of music which can have a negative effect on their playing ability and start to make them sound the same after a while. Don't be afraid to mix and match your favourite genres together in a song. Also start learning different techniques and skills that you can use on guitar and try and add them to your own songs accordingly.

2. Record your idea(s)! (GuitarPro, Video/Audio, Transcribe... etc)

This is very important and I think it should be done every time there is a new idea ready to burst out of your head. There have been countless times in the past where I have thought of an idea and decided to play it on guitar for hours and hours. I kept telling myself that I would never forget it and years later I forgot it and wish I had kept it written down somewhere or tabbed out. There are many ways you can go about recording your ideas. Some people choose the old school method of pen and paper and like to just write their songs in sheet music form. Others, like me, prefer to use Guitar Pro which is an amazing tool to use when wanting to write down some ideas. The option of adding different instruments like drums and bass, as well as vocals, is there too. You can also use a video camera or a simple audio recorder.

3. Write as much as possible! (Or as little as you want to)

By writing as much as possible you will start to build up your own personally library of songs which you can pick and choose from to record or play in a live setting. This is very essential to someone who wants to become a well-known artist/musician. So keep writing and never stop!

4. Enjoy what you're doing! (Have a passion for it)

If you have a passion for music and want to start creating your own songs you have to keep in mind that there is work involved now. Some songs will take longer than others to write and some songs will also be harder than others to arrange and make just the way you like it. The important thing here is to enjoy the fact that you are actually writing your own music now!

5. Have fun with it! (This comes back to being creative)

Just remember to have fun with what it is that you are creating. Don't give up on your projects and stick with them until you see them through fully. If you are having trouble writing a part to a song, move onto writing an entirely new song and come back to the difficult part later. You may spark an idea by creating something new.

Don't forget…

Lose yourself in the music… It's the only place you'll enjoy being lost in! 

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