How to Write Unique Lyrics

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How to Write Unique Lyrics
Lyrics are one of those things that, at least in my experience, many songwriters really struggle with. They may have a flawless grasp of rhythm and melody, but as soon as one of those melodies requires words, they shut down. While some of this discomfort does, admittedly, stem from lack of writing skills for some musicians, I have always maintained that the majority's reason for struggling is that they don't know how to translate their message from emotion and thought into words on a page. Lyrics are espoused as some deeply personal, emotionally baring aspect of the songwriter, and this can be quite intimidating. What I think needs to be emphasized in order to push past the mental hurdle, is that lyrics can be broken down, quantified and rationalized in the same manner that the rest of songwriting can be. I've prepared two tandem video lessons that explore certain formulaic concepts regarding lyricism, and how to take advantage of those concepts. Not only will this allow you to come up with unique, interesting lyrics, but you'll love writing them, too. Enjoy!
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