Jazz-Funk Fusion

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Jazz-Funk Fusion
There are many different approaches taken when composing in the jazz-funk style. The Jazz-Funk playing style of someone like Jeff Beck compared to perhaps Larry Carlton, are certainly very different. Jeff Beck has that obvious gutsy blues-orientated attitude, and Larry Carlton has that smooth - jazzy influence. However, overall they are both certainly masters of the jazzy-funk blend, and of composing modal melodies with very well-conceived overdubbed guitar layering. So, in discussing the overall composing approach of this guitar style we'll need to look at a number of elements such as; the dedicated Mixolydian mode use, the funky and driving rhythmic phrasing, as well as, important songwriting concepts... such as; the general form of these types of song arrangements, as well as, the guitar's application from; dynamics and techniques, to song sections that are left open for improvisation. In the video I begin with some chart analysis to discuss the common; Form, Layout and Harmonies of a typical jazz-funk piece. Then, I zoom in on the guitar neck where I'll run through several examples unique to this style on the fretboard. Watch the video to learn more...
Head over to My Website and download the free PDF handout with all of the examples in TAB, as well as, free MP3 Jam-Tracks for this lesson.
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