Passion Over Perfection

author: caleb99 date: 12/07/2012 category: songwriting
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Passion Over Perfection
Now I've been playing guitar for quite a few years now, I've also played piano, banjo, bass, and other instruments but to a lesser extent. I've never seen myself as a "great" musician but I know I have all of the necessary skills to write a song but it seems like when I try to nothing works. I would have a nice chord progression and a few lead fills, chorus and everything and I would not reach satisfaction with it. I was reading through a guitar magazine not too long ago and flipping through the pages I saw KISS. Now I've never been a big KISS fan but next to their picture the words "When you seek perfection, You give up passion" were printed out. The words struck a chord in me (pardon the pun). I thought about every piece I've ever wrote and threw out and realized there was never anything wrong with the music. There was something wrong with me, I was looking at writing music as this complex art instead of something that comes from the heart. When Jimmy Page was showing his guitar pieces to the rest of the band, for the song that would be "Stairway To Heaven", Robert Plant sat in a corner writing and suddenly stood up and started singing the words we all know by heart now. Jimmy said he must've had 80% of the words then and there. Now only great passion can do something like that, it isn't luck or science, it's passion. I know this wasn't really what you would call a lesson in music but ever since I saw those words, my writing and creativity have flourished. No amount of learning, practice, or luck will ever beat passion. Never try to be technical just for the sake of being technical. If it sounds to simple but it sounds good, leave it. Look at Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" It's not complex at all but the song has become legendary. I hope this helped anyone who has this problem as much as it helped me. NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF WHY YOU STARTED PLAYING IN THE FIRST PLACE.
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