Songwriting in 4 steps

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Remember that this is just a Helpful GUIDE to writing songs. Step1. The equation for writing a catchy song Step2. Develop Chord progression
  • A. Pick the key
  • B. The one rule to live by with music Step3. Hum the tune to get a feel for the song
  • A. What's the feeling of the song?
  • B. How does it make you feel? What does it make you think of?
  • C. How do you want others to feel when they hear it? Step4. Lyrics
  • A.Song Title?
  • B.Overcoming Writer's Block Songwriting made easy! This article is going to teach you how to write songs by following 4 simple steps.

    Step 1: Following The equation For Writing A Song.

    Here are 4 simple equations to follow. To start pick one: Verse (stanza 4verses) Pre-chorus Chorus Verse Pre-chorus Chorus Change/bridge-introduce something new Chorus An example of this pattern, of the songs I've written, is My Only Girl. or: Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Change Verse Pre-chorus Chorus or: Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Change Verse Chorus An example of this pattern, of the songs I've written, is Just my train of thought. or: Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Change Chorus Remember there are plenty of ways to write a song. This just a guideline. Verse: the 1st verse opens up the song and creates the general idea. 4 verses are put together to create a stanza. Most songs usually use a rhyming pattern but as a beginner you don't have to. During this part of the song, the problem could also be introduced. Pre-chorus: the pre-chorus is used as a transitional section of the song. It blends the verse into the chorus. Chorus: states that the chorus is: A line or group of lines repeated at intervals in a song. Second Verse: the second verse further explores the topic. Third Verse: If there was a problem established in the beginning, this is where it would be summed up. Change: also known as the bridge. This part of the song is where you introduce something new to the song.

    Step2: Developing A Good Chord Progression.

    A chord progression is just chords following one another. Try picking 4 that sound good together and put them one after another. When it comes this part of song writing you get to the one rule about writing a song. If it sounds good, it is good. That's basically it.

    Step 3: Hum The Tune And Get A Feel For It.

    After you have composed the chord progression, for the verses & chorus, try humming a tune over top of them. As you play get a feel for the emotion that lies within the chords you are playing. Think about how it makes you feel, and how you want others to feel when they hear this song. For greatest results, also follow these simple steps for getting into the zone:
  • Go into an empty room with a sheet of paper, your guitar, and a pen or pencil.
  • Start out by taking two deeps breathes with your eyes closed. In through the nose and out through the mouth, while thinking about what you want your song to be about.
  • Begin playing the progression and humming (or singing) your tune over top of them.
  • Let yourself go. Allow you're self to feel the song and evoke the emotion within you. Visualize the scene in your minds eye and allow you're self to relive the emotion that you're trying to capture.
  • Then start writing the lyrics Try not to allow any other thoughts to enter your mind. Stay focused and on topic!

    Step 4: Lyrics!

    After you have followed the steps in the above section for getting into the zone and You have that emotion, Songwriting and lyrics come easily. Begin by writing your thoughts about the subject. How it makes you feel. No matter how crazy or stupid you might think it sounds. (Who cares? No one else will ever read this paper if you don't want them to) Overcoming Writers block! An easy way to overcome writers block is to get up! Move around and don't force the issue of the song. Think about something else! That's it. Even something as small as taking out the trash can be helpful. Remember good things and good lyrics come from a relaxed mind. Another technique is to write your way through writers block. Just like a running cramp is taken away by running more, don't stop the ideas flowing! Song title: listen to the lyrics of the song. Choose something that is maybe repeated in the chorus. OR Choose something that sums up what the songs about in a few words.


    I hope my style and format for writing songs will become a useful tool for you in overcoming writers block and to writing better songs. Good luck and happy song writing! Check out my music at,,,
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