The One Skill Every Songwriter Should Have

All we need to do is figure out how to find that hit song that is hiding deep inside.

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The One Skill Every Songwriter Should Have

It is not uncommon for people to think that songwriting is some divine talent that comes from only the most emotionally gifted people. Fortunately, songwriting (just like every other skill) is something that is learned through practice. What is the most important thing to know when it comes to songwriting? That is what I am here to share with you.

Popular media would like to have you think that good songwriters are born with a special gift. And a lot of people will believe this to be true for a couple reasons. One being that a lot of songwriters like to create this mysterious image about themselves. They would like it to seem as though their music comes to them effortlessly, rather than through countless sleepless nights.

Another reason is that every songwriter experiences challenges that they have to overcome in the beginning. But the thing is, not every person chooses to overcome those challenges. Instead they justify giving up by telling themselves "I guess I just wasn't born with that special gift." In actuality, all it takes is getting through those handful of bad days to start really seeing capable you are.

Since we now can agree that you have everything is takes to become a great songwriter, what should you do next? Well reading this article is a perfect place to start. It proves you are staying curious about your craft (which is good!), and that somewhere deep inside there is most likely a hit song just waiting to come out.

Now all we need to do is figure out how to find that hit song that is hiding deep inside.

Well luckily there is a certain technique that will quickly show improvements in your writing. It is easy to practice and keeps the fun in songwriting. You will no longer dread putting that pencil to paper for composition time.

While this skill is not hard to learn, I have seen it be misused plenty of times before. This leads musicians to convince themselves is not worth knowing or working on.

Alright by now you are probably shouting at the screen "Okay so what is this great skill you are talking about??" I explain this skill in great detail in the following video. Please take time to watch this video all the way through as I explain important tools you can use in your next songwriting session.

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As you can now see, songwriting isn't quite as mysterious as some people would like you to believe. Anyone can practice this skill and improve upon their composing. Perhaps you have been doing this already without even realizing it. But now you can focus in on your practice, and have fun doing it too!

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    Agreed, it's important, but as for the most important thing, I'd say: "Let the song be what it wants to be" - Yes, You can make "perfect" parts through with all instruments, but if the song is not becoming what it wants to be, then it becomes "just" a good song, but not a great song. Technically the musical difference is little, but for me (as a listener) it's huge. Take the "for those about to rock/we salute you" by AC/DC. Listen to the end (last two minutes) of the studio version - when they double the tempo. Brian sings those high notes, and the instruments go like "noone's gonna stop us", and if you'd change something there e.g. the vocals rhythm and melody probably it wouldn't give that satisfaction, and it wouldn't be the "greatest rock song ever" for me... Hope U get what I mean.
    I can't even begin to say how much I agree with this. I can't stand some of the "indie" bands out there that will have some great verse going and then take the chorus to some weird place that doesn't work just because they want to be different, or non-mainstream. Sometimes you need to just let the song go where it wants to go, so to speak. Don't be different for the sake of being different. Be different if your natural creativity takes you there, but don't force it and take the life out of a song.
    Yes. And AC/DC were able to play that last part with such feeling and gusto because they honed they ear and they knew what they wanted to hear. Having good hearing is not about making "perfect" songs. It's about knowing what's going on. If you your ear can't follow the song, then you will never be able to "Let the song be what it wants to be" So I agree 100% with you.