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When I first wrote lyrics I was going through a rather "down" stage in my life and writing lyrics helped me express my emotion, here are my first ever lyrics: Whispers of emotion and sorrow filled dreams lead to questioning of life and internal screams. Unspoken words and forgotten tears to go with broken hearts and eternal fears. As you can see these lyrics reflect the way I was feeling at that time, and that is a good way to write. Just write about how you feel, It doesn't have to be amazing. The way I write lyrics is to think of two words that rhyme for example glass and past, then I will find something to put in the middle, trial and improvement until I find something I think is good, eg: Looking through the frosted glass, reminds of the lonely past. They were made up on the spot but as you can see, Ive made the two lines fit together. For beginners, this may be hard, but again, just trial and improvement will get you on your way. The best thing to do is not to try and force yourself to write lyrics. Sometimes it takes me a couple of minutes to write a verse and other times it could take me hours to come up with a decent couple of lines, If you force yourself, most of the time the lyrics won't be as good because they won't be "true" to how you are feeling. I always struggle to write full songs, I write 4 line verses all the time but they don't go together, usually because I was feeling different at the time I was writing them. If you are wanting to write a song, first of all brainstorm all the ideas you can think of to write a song about, then pick one, and only do one, don't do more than one song at a time otherwise your messages could get confused. In this example I will use Eating as a subject. After you have chosen your subject, write down things that are associated with that subject, (at this stage just write down single words, we will join them up later) Food Fun Fat etc. Now you have all the words for your chosen subject, try and string some of the words together or think of a rhyme, for my example; Eating food is really fun, I like burgers in a bun. Obviously that isn't song material but as an example it gives you a rough idea on how you could write a song. The chorus of a song is probably the most remembered part because it is supposed to be catchy, the chorus should be the main part and back up your chosen subject the most, eg: Eating is great, but I'm not fat, ooh a pie, I'll have some of that! The chorus usually has a catchy melody as well, so if you play a musical instrument like I do, (I play guitar). Think of a catchy melody and make the melody fit to the lyrics, not the other way round, otherwise the lyrics could be all jumbled up into one big sentence. If you don't play an instrument then just think of a melody in your head, which is just as good. Lyrics do not have to rhyme, granted, it is the easiest and my favourite way to write, but I think that sometimes lyrics that don't rhyme can have more feeling in them, If when you are writing your lyrics you can't think of a rhyme, don't change the lyrics, because then you could be changing your main subject and this would confuse people. I hope that helped, any feedback is welcome.
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