Tips To Make Lyric-Writing Easier

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Ok, so this is my first lesson. I just started writing songs and putting music with them and I had trouble at first. However, I've found that certain things make it easier to make songs. Here are my three top tips: 1: Listen To Your Favorite Bands I was actually mowing the lawn when I came up with my best song. I was listening to Plain White T's and Yellowcard music, because they are two of my favorite bands. I really started paying attention to the lyrics and tone of the songs I, and before long I had my own lyrics going in my head. Just find a song that strikes you as, "Oh cool! I like that song!" and try to model something from it! 2: Write About Personal Experiences This is not only a way to get a quick song put down, it also sometimes relieves pent up emotions. When you go through something traumatic, (e.g. a breakup, loss of a loved one) sometimes you just can't seem to get over it. So, why not write about it? Write what your feelings are about it, how you might feel let-down, lost, etc. When I feel bad, I write about it and more often than not, I get a song from it and it helps me feel better, like I've gotten closure for the incident. Use your emotions to your advantage! 3: Take Your Time I'm sure you've read this in other lessons, but sometimes it takes days or weeks to get a song even started. I sometimes spend an hour poised over a piece of paper, waiting for inspiration. The trick is to just have patience and constantly think of coming up with something. Think of everything you see and do as lyrics. Something will come to you! That's all I've got for now! This is my first lesson, so comment and tell me if I helped! Thanks! :)
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