What You Need to Write a Great Song

Basic song-writing notes.

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A good song and a great song are too completely different things. It doesn't take much to be good but it takes a lot to be great.

Good songs show a lot of emotion and have a sense of relativity.

Great song have the same things but are said in different ways, some say that the words don't make sense but they are truly just the writers deep words from the very pit of their soul.

For example:

(I'm using my own lyrics here. Please don't take.)

From "Silver Tongue" by Arize The Phoenix:

"Poured out my soul
No thoughts but lies
Received by you
Strangled cries
Come from me
Fragile is just a state of mind"

What it means is that the one you have wronged doesn't want to believe you, you may have told the truth but they see it as lies. The cries are from the one that is essentially losing their mind and letting it happen. Their judgement shouldn't matter but for all it does.
Even small lines/verses can have great meaning, it doesn't take too much.

What you need:
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Great linguistic skills
  • An emotion
...Yeah I know the lesson is bad. I'm tired and songwriting comes easy to some people, it's not always something you can teach.

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    If you know that this lesson is bad, why did you write it and release it? It's not an excuse that it's something you can't teach, there are plenty of good songwriting lesson here in UG. This is just unnecessary, I appreciate the fact that you've taken the time to write an article, but it boggles my mind how this has passed the quality control. This article has zero substance, and really does not seem like it could be of any help.
    i just can't believe that this even exists. where is the moderator when you need him.
    This lesson was basically a filler to me I guess, I have submitted a more in depth lesson but it has yet to be put up. I know I could have written a great deal more in this and at some point I should edit this atrocious excuse I called a lesson. Sorry to have dissatisfied you all with this lesson, my sincerest apologies. - Zak Shaddix
    I think this is a good lesson, it's small but has detail in it, and you've used an example of your own song, and it's a good example, these schmucks don't know what they are saying, dude great lesson. \m/ \m/