Writing Songs & Lyrics Based On Experiences

author: XtremeSnowRyder date: 04/30/2004 category: songwriting
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Ok, there are a few different aspects of writing I noticed while reading friend's lyrics and my own. I first realized that everybody has a certain style of writing. I know this is a pretty obvious statement, but then I thought about what caused different styles of writing. My theory is that certain style of writing first depends on what style of music you like. Obviously if you like punk rock, you are most likely to be writing lyrics to a punk rock tune. The second thing your style depends on is whether you're a guy, or a girl. To be honest, girls ARE more emotional than guys are. Sorry my fellow ladies but you know this is true. If writing feelings about a recent break-up, a guy's point of view would tend to have more anger than sadness, like a girl's lyrics may. (But luckily today, the genre "emo", short for emotional, has emerged. Male artists all over are able to express their feelings of sorrow and heartbreak through this genre.) The last thing I advise you to know and remember is that my song writing technique is truly spiritual. In other words, using my technique, a song will turn out to be just a piece of one's truest feelings, so don't even try to write a song in a room full of people. The best thing to do is to go to a place, alone, where you feel most comfortable. For most, this would be their bedroom, but for some who share a bedroom, the most comfortable place may be the bathroom, with locked doors. What ever floats your boat will work. The purpose for this is that a relaxed environment provides a place where it is easy to connect with your-self. Only you know your deepest secrets, and your truest feelings. Which means only you can write a unique song which is based on your feelings, thoughts, opinions, and point of views. After you have followed what I recommended to you, it is time to follow the lesson. To tell you the truth, the advice I gave you above is the lesson itself, which means we are almost done! 8^D! In the rest of the lesson, I would like to tell you how to write from your personal experiences, and give you some ideas. If you are having trouble figuring out what to write about, don't get frustrated. Start with ideas that you feel strongly about. Many amazing songs and lyrics can come from: a recent boyfriend/girlfriend break-up, a recent death in the family, moving away from home, a fight between you and your parents or a best friend, a divorce between your parents, or just feeling down. Well, since I gave you some ideas to think about, now I'll tell you how to write songs and lyrics based on your experience. This part is quite easy. First, clear your head of everything except that experience, whether it is good or bad. This should be easy to do, if you followed my advice and you're alone in a comfortable room. The next thing you want to do is start writing down everything you are feeling inside about your experience. Write down your emotion about it, what you think of it, why it makes you feel that way, and anything that pops into your head. Doing this could even open your mind to feelings you didn't realize you felt. That is why this is good to do when you're under stress, it relieves a lot of negative feelings, even the ones stuck inside of you that you couldn't see. After a few or more pages, reread what you wrote down. Look at that sheet, and say hello to the rough draft of your song! Now all you have to do is put things together. Here is an example: This is the actual list of emotions that I wrote after Brian broke up with me: I lived off your love for so long, that when you left me, it felt like nothing was holding me from falling every day. The hardest thing to see is the love of your life, leave you to chase after a girl who is already taken. I will always keep this letter because there will be a time I will have to look back and see how I got through the hardest thing that I've ever had to overcome in life. Some day I will look back at this letter with pride as I say, 'Wow, it was me who made it through that?!? Jeez, I can make it through anything' From this list of feelings came the lyrics to my first song... I used to think that I could never live without your love. But with time I realized I'd rise above. What I use today, Is all the heartbreak that you gave, To get over the things that keep me down. And now I know I'll never have to frown. I changed it up a bit and added a tune to it since I wrote it, but for my first lyrics, I'd say that it's not all that bad right? Well Now that I have given you some advice and a few examples try my way out! It may seem like a lot, but you'll realize that it's a lot easier than it seems. In fact it's the easiest technique I've ever used! Let me know how it goes for you!

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