Chromatic Warm-Up

author: 0000409D date: 09/20/2003 category: the basics

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This is an angular lick to develop finger dexterity. Try this with the speed you're accurate at start off slow.
Key = chromatic

66 bpm

E |------------------------------3---1|4---2-------------------------------|
B |----------------------------4---2--|--3---1-----------------------------|
G |---------------------3---1---------|---------4---2----------------------|
D |------------3---1--4---2-----------|-----------3---1--4---2-------------|
A |---3---1--4---2--------------------|--------------------3---1--4---2----|
E |-4---2-----------------------------|-----------------------------3---1--|
Arpeggios You start off with A major, C Major, E major, C# Major, G major, B Major, and F# major... Start off slow then blast it all again...
Key = A
66 bpm

E |--------------5-9-----------|-------------------17-22-----------------|
B |------------5-----5---------|----------------17-------17--------------|
G |----------6---------6-------|-------------18-------------18-----------|
D |--------7-------------7-----|----------19-------------------18--------|
A |------7-----------------7---|-------19-------------------------19-----|
E |-5-10---------------------5-|-17-22-------------------------------17--|
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