10 Steps To Be A Better Guitarist

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10 Steps To Be A Better Guitarist
Okay, first thing I just want to say I really hate those people who think they're like the best guitarist ever just because they can play open chords and use a capo You're Not! Go Back And Friken Learn How To Play! Okay I've finished my rant. Now I'm not the best guitarist, hell I'm not even pro. But I just wanted to tell some guitarists 10 easy steps of how to be a better guitarist. Step 1: Practice! Practice! Practice! I know that everyone will probably tell you this, but if you don't practice, how are you going to get better? You're not going to get magically good at guitar overnight. You have to put time and effort into it. Practice makes perfect. Step 2: Know Your Theory This will help loooaaaddss. Now I'm not just talking about guitar theory, I'm talking about music theory in general. You gotta know this stuff. If you're playing guitar and don't know you're theory, you. don't. know. what. you're. doing. Well you probably do, but if you don't know you're theory how are you going to learn songs properly? Step 3: Techniques Okay, so you need to know your techniques. Hammer on's, pull off's, tapping, sweep picking, alternate picking, sliding etc. You need to know your techniques or how are you ever going to do anything on a guitar? And if you know your techniques, then practice them. Get them solid. I know a few guitarists that only want to learn fast licks just to impress friends and they don't know basic techniques, so when they play, there's no feeling in their playing and it just sounds boring and stale. Step 4: Know Your Scales So a lot of people don't like scales. To be honest, I'm not one of those people. I love scales. I love playing scales, just the feeling of my fingers moving around on the fret-board, I love that (that's what she said) sorry ignore what it says in the brackets, it was quite immature of me :P. You need to know your basic scales or how are you going to improvise? How are you going to know how to write songs, and how songs work? You Need To Know These Stuff. You definitely need to know your basic scales like major, minor, pentatonic, arpeggios. That's not a lot. Step 5: Always Play With A Metronome Metronomes piss me off, I'm not gonna lie. They really do. When I get out of time, it really puts me off. But metronomes don't only improve your guitar playing, they also improve your feel for music and timing (obviously). I know some guitarists that have never played with a metronome before and when they've made a band and started playing with a drummer they have a really hard time keeping in time. Well you don't always have to play with a metronome but it's good to just use one from time to time. Definitely practice your scales with a metronome, I recommend that. Step 6: Know Your Preferred Genre If you know your preferred music genre, then you would know what to play, and what type of guitars/amps/pedals etc. to buy. Don't let anyone put you down about your favorite type of music genre and don't put anyone else down. I still do that sometimes, just because they're not into the music I'm into. But don't do that, because it might discourage people to play their guitar. Step 7: Have A Guitarist To Look Up To You should definitely know your basic guitars, like strats and Les Pauls. But you should definitely have a guitarist to look up to. If you do, it will encourage you to practice guitar. I have loooaadds of guitarists I look up to such as Orianthi, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, B.B King, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and lots more. Every time I listen to their songs or watch them on YouTube, I think to myself, Hey I want to learn that song, or I want to learn that technique etc... Watching your favorite guitarists perform will encourage you to learn new things. Step 8: Don't Let Better Guitarists Discourage You To tell you the truth, I've met A LOT of guitarists that are soooo much better than me. It discourages me and I feel as if I'm not good enough. I've had some doubts about continuing with guitar, but I just love playing the instrument so much I can't quit. Instead of better guitarists discouraging you, make their guitar skills encourage you to practice more and hey, you never know, you might be better than them one day. Haters are our motivators. Step 9: Express Yourself You should definitely express yourself with the way you play guitar. Show some emotion when you perform on stage. Don't be scared to make a mistake. Failing will lead to success. Step 10: Never Give Up If you're having some doubts about playing guitar for whatever reason, Don't give up! You will get better, if you put time, effort and use these 10 steps. If you legitly don't like playing guitar, then maybe this instrument isn't for you. Find a different instrument you enjoy, there's an instrument for everyone. Don't forget, your voice is an instrument to. These are 10 steps in my opinion of how to be a better guitarist.
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