5 Ways To Make Sure You're Not Actually Jack White

Ask yourself these 5 questions to make sure you're not actually Jack White.

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Ask yourself these 5 questions to make sure you're not actually Jack White.

5. Do you play guitar?

Jack White does! If you don't play guitar, you can rest easy. You're definitely not him. If you do, take some time to consider a few things. What kind of music do you play? How good would you say you are? How many different pedals do you own? Asking yourself these different things will help you determine whether or not you're actually Jack White.

4. Were you ever the lead singer/guitarist of The White Stripes?

When it comes to leading rock bands, Jack's got quite an impressive track record but, indeed, his most well-received band is The White Stripes by far. Did you ever perform as their front man? If not, there's a 100% chance that you're definitely not Jack White.

3. Have you ever accused The Black Keys of copying your every move?

Jack White hasn't exactly been on good terms with The Black Keys in the past. Most notably, he's accused the singer/guitarist of the group of following him and copying his every move. Have you done this? How do you feel about The Black Keys? Do you loathe the band and what they've achieved, or do you have no issue with them? Perhaps you feel indifferent on the matter. This can be good or bad, and would require further looking into.

2. Do you find yourself constantly bragging about how much better you are than everyone else?

Jack's never been one to be modest. He's often criticized for what he says about himself in interviews, and has been accused of having quite a big ego. Confidence is always a good character trait, but sometimes too much confidence can come off sounding like cockiness. How confident are you? Do your friends ever accuse you of speaking very highly of yourself? If so, you may just be finding "Seven Nation Army" in that handy lyric book of yours.

1. When's the last time you've spoken to Meg White?

Jack White hasn't spoken to her in a long time. Have you? Does Meg return your phone calls? No? Hmmm... That's not good. If you haven't spoken to The White Stripes drummer in a long time, there's a very high chance you're Jack White...

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    So if you've done the exact opposite of these does this make you Jack Black?
    No it makes you Jack Wong. Get it? White, right, wong, wrong? ...I'll leave now.
    Well, I play guitar and I've never spoken to Meg. Should I be worried?
    I have similar symptoms along with slight arrogant tendencies... should I go to a doctor for a professional opinion?
    Nero Galon
    I am half of a Jack White. I can totally see the Jack White'O'Meter becoming a real thing.
    Some doctor could use some surgery and combine both of us to one complete Jack White.
    I almost thought I was Jack White, but then I remembered "Hey, I like the Black Keys."
    I think a lot of people misunderstood what he was saying about technology on It Might Get Loud, He was talking more about fixing everything in production, like giving yourself perfect rhythm or correcting that one note you missed, not about long pedal chains and new amps. And he seemed to be quite reverential while watching Jimmy Page play.
    No I am Spartacus...er nevermind Jack is a very interesting artist not a earth shattering musician
    Dont like him since I saw It Might Get Loud. What a douche. I hate it when I find out I personally dislike musicians whose music I enjoy.
    Jack White did not reinvent the wheel! "Hey Jackie" look in the mirror you are not as talented as YOU think you are!
    happy to say im not jack white either, always got that impression he thinks of himself larger than life when in fact the guy sucks at what he does but brought a genre in and put some raw rock n roll in there. He likes vintage well guuesssss what buddy so do alotta other bands out right now, so the jack ass white needs to get over himself, that being said, i used to play seven nation army for hours and hours as a teen on the guitar lol XD
    1.) Are you a colossal douche, that wears a stupid hat? 2.) Did you ruin Baltimore sporting events with your stupid ass Seven Nation Army song?
    Okay I'm apparently not Jack White. And then one question: Who the Hell is Jack White?
    Whos taking the musically transmitted jack white tests?..spreading around these day *shivers