A Guide to an Unknown Country's Metal Scene

Bangladesh, that's the last country you'd expect to find to quality metal/rock songs. But, turns out it has one of the most underrated and strong metal-bases in the world.

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Every metal-head remembers where and when they heard their first metal song and immediately fell in love with it. Sometimes, you even grew tired of that 'first song' and you start to hate it. When I was merely 10, I listened Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and immediately fell in love with it. Even though I grew tired of it now. But I can't help but think that "Enter Sandman" maybe the most important song in my life and as James Hetfield puts it I went of to the "neverlands" of heavy metal. 

My first metal bands were Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Judas Priest etc. I literally still listen to them everyday. As I entered my teens, I became a bit curious of my own country's (Bangladesh) metal scene. I thought, there is just no way our local bands can match up-to the quality of the American, British heavy metal band. But turns out, I was wrong.

There has been actually a strong and passionate metal scene here since the late '80s. Young kids who dreamed idolizing big metal bands and wanted to revolutionize the music scenery here, which was filled with clinched and catchy pop songs. Those firsts bands were Warfaze, Rockstrata, Cryptic Fate.

Among those, Warfaze is the most successful and still the biggest metal band in Bangladesh.


Founded by Ibrahim Ahmed Kamal (who is widely hailed as the best guitarist of Bangladesh), this heavy metal had a very successful self titled debut album in 1991 and continued to dominate the metal scene in the '90s. Their popularity went down a bit in the early 2000's but they made a huge comeback with "Pothchola." In this album, they re-recorded their old songs and re-introduced themselves to another generation. Their music is considered heavy metal with a slightly "Maiden" touch. They add rather an interesting touch with their keyboard and music in general. Their best known songs are "Boshe Achi" (trans: Sitting Here), "Hotasha" (trans: Depression), "Moharaj" (trans: The King) and more hits. They are like the "Black Sabbath of Bangladesh." Their recent album "Shotto" was by far the best selling album in that year, here in Bangladesh.

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This progressive metal band was founded in the late '90s and probably the most popular band in Bangladesh. They broke new grounds in the to the metal genre and their musicianship is just insane. They were just an underground band when they released their debut album "Onno Shomoy" in 2002 (trans: In Another Time), it consisted mostly heavy metal album with an progressive touch. But their real breakthrough came with their 2nd album "Oniket Prantor" (trans: No Man's Land). The album was sold out in a couple of hours when it was released. It broke them to mainstream and this album is probably the best selling metal album of all time here in Bangladesh. Their best known songs are "Oniket Prantor," "Onno Shomoy," "Chilekotha Shepai," "Dhushor Shomoy" etc.

I gotta talk about the song "Oniket Prantor." This 16 minute song, simply is the greatest metal song here. It follows the "metal ballad" formula like "Stairway to Heaven."

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Founded by Sumon (affectionately called "bassbaba" (trans: Father of Bass) by fans. It has been one of the most consistent and versatile bands here in Bangladesh. Sumon's bass guitar playing just beyond awesomeness. He employs a slap-style bass technique, which creates an interesting twist in his music. There are songs are sometimes very very heavy, sometimes progressive, sometimes very simple. They are known to have create ballad songs as well. There well known songs are "Chaite Paro," "Guti From Hell," "Guti (The Finale)," "Oshomapto," "Odvut Sei Cheleti," "Shat Din."

The song "Shat Din" (trans: Seven Days) nearly clocks in over an half hour and is inspired by Rush's "2112." My personal favorite song of their is "Guti (The Finale)."

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They are music is more alternative than metal. But, still deserves a mention. Their blend of soft rock with heavy metal creates a great vibe. Not to mention their guitar solos... Their best knowns songs are "Obocheton," "New Day," "Gone," "Kobe," "Bir" etc.

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There are more bands here, like Cryptic Fate, Powersurge, Black and more. There are more young bands as well who are evolving into great bands. It's rather exciting to be a part of something that's so good. But, sadly it doesn't have the international recognition.

At last, I would like to conclude my article with this advice "Don't just be stuck with the American/English metal bands." There are just so many bands around the world who are very underrated and are so marvelous. Like I was just blown away by this Australian progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris and Japan's X Japan. There are so many bands in Europe and Middle-east too. If you'd watch the Sam Dunn's "Global Metal," you would know that metal is now becoming a part of globalization. 

It's bigger than anything you can dream of. So it the best course of action for you, is to get on with ride and explore.

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    Great idea of introducing most well-known bands from lesser-known countries!
    Infanteria are from South Africa and won a nation-wide battle of the bands that finally led them to Wacken. \m/
    Aryan Death Man
    I am extremely sorry for the grammatical mistakes in the article. I will be more careful in the future
    Thats was one of the most interesting articles i've read for a while, how about a country of the week article every week? Or a month if a week is a bit too much.
    this sounds awesome. i wouldnt mind finding more bands like Myrath, who are from Tunisia
    It's not Bangladesh, but from Tunisia. Myrath is an amazing progressive metal band that can stand up to Dream Theater in a fight. I really enjoy them!
    the underground scene is pretty good too... Severe Dementia,Jahiliyyah, Funeral anthem, Mechanix, Shrapnel method and the list goes on and on and on...
    It's a shame 'Vibe' aren't around. They were were my favorite Bangladeshi band. Stunning song!
    haha same here! but this article is great more of this from other countries!
    A special/honorary mention to Orator, my first introduction to Bangladeshi Metal scene. Must check for fans of Merciless etc.
    lol Aurthohin is ****ing great, only the singing is kinda meh Thanks for this article! Keep stuff like this coming
    Checked Myrath dig em. Excited so much to look into I wouldnt have found otherwise. Thank you all!!
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!! definitely cool stuff. Even the comments sent me to some great music. This is a huge idea keep it coming. I like the week by week/month by month idea. Something to look expect/look forward to. Sometimes in the US we dont get exposed to this stuff and there is a lot of talent out there.
    Believe it not one of my all time favourite bands originates from Bangladesh, and it's definetly top-quality industrial.