A Minor Pentatonics

The A minor pentatoinc scale. Also some licks that can be used with it.

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We will be using the A minor pentatonic scale today which is very simple to play and to memorise. Here it is:
 1 4  1  3   1  3  1  3  1  4    1  4
The numbers underneath to tab show what fingers to use. This is used because some people try to avoid using their pinky when they start out becuase it is harder to use and is not as strong as the other fingers, so following the numbers underneath will help use all of your fingers. This scale is started at the rote note fret which starts on the 5 fret of the lower E string. Now practice this scale going backwards and forwards through it so it becomes a breeze (take your time and make sure you get it good this guide isnt going anywhere) Make sure you do get it pefrect because this is one of the most important scales to learn many famous guitarists have used this scale in one form of another to play lead guitar including Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen. As you learn to play these scales you will find the chords that can be played underneath them. For this scale you can use obviously Am which is made up of the notes A,C,E, the C major chord and the D9 chord. So if you have a mate who is learning guitar and want to practice with him one of you practice the scale and one of you play the chords underneath. Play an Am chord: 1. Place your 2nd finger on the 2nd fret of the 4th string. 2. Place your 3rd finger on the 2nd fret of the 3rd string. 3. Place your 1st finger on the 1st fret of the 2nd string. 4. Strum down from the 5th string. Okay for the first lick in the A minor it uses the last four notes of the scale the 5 and 8 on the B string and the 5 and 8 on the high E string. Basically what you have to do is bar with your first finger the 5s on the high E and B string. Then you use your pinky on the high E string 8 pick it then pull off then the same to the B string an keep repeating the process for however long you want.
The P stands for pull off. Start this lick off slowly then progressively get quicker and quicker. Simple! The next lick is a very common lick it is fairly easy aswell. Here it is
The b in the tab means bend. Again start this lick slowly and then when you feel it becoming easier get quicker. This lick is also repeated for however long you want. This last lick is very easy and can be used as a sort of fill inbetween chords or licks.
The S in this stands for slide. Basically this lick is sort of a joiner. It joins chords and licks together. Oh and one more thing all these licks and the scale can be down an octave lower which is twelve frets down from where these tabs are showing them.
Thanks for reading and hope your guitar playing goes well. Remember if you can't do it don't fret. (did you like that pun) Keep practicing. Good luck Rob.

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    man who cares if he put pentatonics.. everyone ****ing knows what he's talkin about.. you've got to be the only ****ing idiot who would point that out!!! everyone is more focused on the damn scale.. not the fact that he added one more letter at the end of a word.. Fucking loser!