A N00b's Guide To UG Part 1

A first-timer's guide to the features of the site. Very basic info.

Ultimate Guitar
Whether it's your first time visiting the site or you've recently made the jump to becoming a member, there's a lot that you'll need to know about this addictive site. Let's start with what you can get up to without a profile: As a newbie who has just found the site, there is not a lot you can do. You can access the basic features of the site, such as viewing tabs, articles and other Contributions such as the column you are reading right now. You will also be able to view a member's profile. You can also navigate to the Forums section and view the posts. This leads us to what you CAN'T do without becoming a member. You will not be able to rate a Contribution, nor will you be able to comment on them. You won't be able to upvote or downvote any comments. You will also not be able to send private messages to people. Also, without a profile, a member will see that a person viewed their profile but will have no idea who did it. A profile is not needed to create tabs though, but you won't receive any credit for it if you make a profile at a later stage. You can see a few of the benefits of making a profile. Some more advantages will be explained in a later column. Making a profile is easy and free. Once you click the join ultimate-guitar.com link, signing up is pretty simple. Once you've made a profile and clicked on the My Profile link, there is a variety of things that you can do to enhance your it. The first thing you should do is click on the Edit Profile link and tell us more about yourself. Another thing that you should think about doing relatively soon is adding a profile picture. Do this by going to the My Pictures link and work from there. Down the left-hand side of the profile screen will be a selection of links called "My (x)" which can also be used to add more to your profile. If you become stuck and don't know what else to do, click on the link at the bottom of them all which says Add Missing Info which will give you hints on what you could add. Work on that for now and I'll add some more tutorials. P.S.: if you have been a member for years, don't come along and say how easy this is. Like I said above, it's for first-timers.

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    Your title is confusing, this is UG, since when does the title of an article reflect the content?
    Also, if you want to get down voted an unbelievable amount of times, reply to the first comment, even though what you saying has nothing to do with it, just so you can get yourself heard. Just like I'm doing now. lol
    "As a newbie who has just found the site, there is not a lot you can do" Which brings me to my next point. Always call people on their grammatical wrong doings.
    Don't forget to use our favorite term "SLAM" whenever you can, everyone loves it.
    This seems redundant, the help tab at the bottom of the page already explains most of the info here, and much more.
    as a member for years i'm still waiting for my free t shirt and baseball cap and coffee cup and a set of strings and a pick from eric clapton
    (In reply to G.N.) While this may be pointless, you can't say that this sort of thing is not done in other areas of tech/internet etc and that it doesn't help Users. Why make a walkthrough for Minecraft when there's a perfectly good Wiki for that? And yet many people have regular episodes of it that have become popular
    Whatever other sites do is irrelevant to this column, and your Minecraft argument is equally irrelevant to my original reply. If you had read more closely, you would see that I made no such claim about this being unhelpful, but offered an opinion. You're always asking for mature or respectful commenting, so I complied. If you don't like that others may have different thoughts, I can only shrug and suggest you refrain from making future contributions to any sort of website in that case.