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A brief introduction to Glam Metal. What happened to it and what will happen to it.

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Before I begin let me just tell you, yes my views are biased. But the only person who is going to write about glam metal is the sort who either likes it or dislikes it. So yes it will be biased.

What Is Glam Metal

Glam metal (also known as hair metal) can come in many forms. It could be fast and raw sounding like Motely Crue or W.A.S.P. whilst on the other hand it could be "watered down". These "watered down" bands include Def Leppard and Van Halen. To be recognised as Glam Metal You need to play hard rocking music and your appearance has to stand out. Twisted Sister stand out because of their bright clothing and bright guitars. However having big, long hair will get you accepted as hair metal, take a look at the likes of Def Leppard.


Back in the 1980's the radios were flooded with Glam Metal. It was extremely popular. There have been films made about it, Bill and Ted's Most excellent adventure and Bogus journey, Wayne's world 1 and 2 etc. It was extremely popular. Hurrah! But along came the 90's, which brought grunge into the scene. (From a dictionary) grunge: noun Slang - dirt; filth; rubbish. It was the opposite to glam metal which (from Bill and Ted's dictionary) is most totally awesome. It is about being excellent to each other and partying on - DUDE!!! So, hair was cut, the world turned a particularly boring a shade of gray and instead of listing to poison's Nothing but a good time people listed to nirvana's I hate my self and want to die. The reason for this is probably because of talent. From Hair Metal spawned undeniably the most talented musicians of all time. Micheal Angelo Batio (Nitro), Yngwie Malmsteem (Alcatraz), Paul Gilbert (Racer x and Mr Big) Jim Gillete (Nitro), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart) and so many more... Instead of trying to play like these most talented people, people instead tried to play easier songs such as Blink 182 covers which are much more refined. Another factor as to the down fall of this glorious genre of music is the mediocre bands. Towards the end of the 80's a load of less talented bands came along who all copied the same generic sound. all the singers sounded like David coverdale. Please note that in its self this is by no means a bad thing but it meant that none of these new bands stood out and people got fed up with it. So it seems Glam Metal is all but dead now. OR IS IT??! Over in Scandinavia there is an ever growing scene for modern Glam Metal bands. Here is a brief description of my personal favourites. Reckless love. With a singer who is clearly influenced by David Lee Roth and a guitarist who has written some most excellent riffs, Reckless Love are clearly a Glam Metal band. They have released one album called Reckless love and soon to release their next, Animal Attraction. Key song: Romance. Crazy Lixx. These guys have two albums out, Loud minority and New religion. They are faster and heavier than Reckless Love and have a hint of skid Row About them. Key song: Either, Death Row, Dr Hollywood or witching hour. Wig Wam. Wig Wam Have three albums out all of which are great. They were once on eurovision. their appearance is very noticeable. Key song: Kill My Rock 'n' Roll. (but Gonna get you some is almost as excellent) There are many others some you may have heard of some not: The Darkness, Airbourne, Steel Panther, Houston, Dirty Penny, etc. etc. What some people say about Glam Metal. Some people say the worst of things about Glam metal and I just want to address a few of them. "glam metal is meaningless". Well Tish and Pish to that if you really are one of these people who is fussed about the meaning of songs go and read some poetry. Music is about the sound not the words. But anyway many Glam metal songs do have very deep meanings and don't try to be "clever" about them. Listen to Cinderella's Don't know what you got till it's gone. "They look Stupid". Again I say TISH and PISH! The music is over the top and has the atmosphere of excellence. The appearance is fully fitting to the music. Anyway take a look a slipknot. They don't look silly. Now I doubt any die hard slayer fans will be listening to Bon Jovi any day soon. That is too big a jump. But if you like grunge or any of this pop punk stuff I think its time you stop being boring, stop listening to "look at shoes music" and listen to "get on you knees and let rip the most awesome solo of all time music". don't be so refined and instead try and be Most excellent! Rock On!!! Roxxie Roxx

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    Wow Sylvanus, your comments really show how much you know about glam metal. I'm not even going to ask you what music you listen to since most people who think glam metal is all about "f***ing random girls" listen to what they see as "true" metal. So sad.
    Martin Barber
    I enjoyed your article very much and agree to some things but The only thing about Van Halen thats glam is Diamond Dave...Eddie is one of the greatest guitarists that ever picked up a guitar..And their songs are well written. I also disagree with the Coverdale comparison.Nobody sounds like Coverdale except Robert Plant...or vice versa and Whitesnake is a legit Icon of rock. Well done though. Because of you..i downloaded the bands u talked about.Hope they are as goos as you say. I miss my Warrant..Winger..Motley Crue..Poison and def Leppard.
    I doubt any die hard slayer fans will be listening to Bon Jovi any day soon. That is too big a jump.
    hey, some of my favorite bands are Death, Entombed and Slayer and Opeth but I'm a die-hard glamster. everything is possible. I've found that the close-mindendness is most often found withing the circles of thrash/death fans and similar genres. a lot of glamsters enjoy stuff like Black Sabbath, Cannibal Corpse, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dismember and the bands I have mentioned earlier in the post. I think that's because it takes a bit of "courage", if you know what I mean, to get past the looks of glam bands to listen to them. some people just stick to Metallica and Motorhead to be considered metalheads. in other words, they do it for the image. they're the true posers. just listen to what you want... live and let live...
    btw Airbourne are NOT glam metal. they sound more like an AC/DC clone than anything. great band nevertheless.
    Roxxie Roxx
    Sorry, I agree Airbourne are not glam metal and I ment to delete them from the article but clearly forgot. Whoops!
    Did you ever think that people don't want to listen to music with terrible lyrics about partying and ****ing random girls? Not to mention hearing the same generic solos and riffs that glam metal has.
    well...i wouldn't completely agree to "I doubt any die hard slayer fans will be listening to Bon Jovi any day soon. That is too big a jump." I shall agree,that this is less likely. But it is possible. I have a friend which plays in a local Thrash/Death Metal band and he doesn't mind Glam Metal too.