Approving and Rejecting Tabs

A guide for people who are new to tab reviewing, on what and what not to do when moderating tabs

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Approving and Rejecting Tabs
Everyone knows that tab moderating plays a big part on the website, but, how do we correctly approve a tab? Or make sure that a rejection is the right thing? This guide should hopefully help you, enjoy.

What to look out for when approving a tab:
  • Are the Verses, Choruses, etc marked in [ ]?
  • Are there chord placings on each line?
  • Are the chords accurate?
  • Is the name correct? this mainly refers to Misc soundtrack songs, the movie must be with the song title
  • Right tuning? Capo placement, strumming pattern
If these things aren't completed:
  • Leave a comment, do not immediately reject a tab, they have three days to correct these mistakes before the tab is ultimately rejected
  • If you are a high enough level, you could even correct these mistakes for them, speeding up the approval process
When to reject a tab:
  • If it is a clear duplicate, or is a duplicate with minor corrections/changes, authors can submit their corrections direct to the original tab
  • If there are too many tabs already of the song, better and more complete tabs may be made
  • The verses and choruses are not marked
  • Anything mentioned in the when to approve section is not done

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    Well, there is more to it than this. If you want to make sure that you only approve good tabs then these are some additional questions that you need to ask yourself: - Is it the correct type of tablature? - Is the entire song tabbed out or are there section references/missing lyrics? - Are all chords highlighted? - Are the chords placed where they are supposed to be? - Are there unnecessary symbols in chord lines? - Are the chords placed above the lyrics? - Is the red line crossed? - Are all strings tabbed out? (even if they aren't played) - Are notes separated from each other and spaced out appropriately? - Does the tablature begin and end with the symbol |? - Is the tuning written on the left side of each string? - Is there a tab legend? Does it contain effects that weren't used in the tab? - Did the tab author provide a link to the song? (for acoustic/live versions) - Does the tab description contain unnecessary notes/comments? If there is a problem with any of these things then you should write comment, but do not vote for the tab. The goal is not to punish and reject, it is to help tab authors create and submit high-quality content. When the three day waiting period is over you should only reject the tab if it doesn't meet the required rules (red automagic suggestions), you can approve it if it only has minor mistakes (yellow automagic suggestions)
    agreed, these are good points to make and should be considered when reviewing a tab, i mainly focused on ordinary chords instead of tabs as i have a lot more experience with these and undeestand them whilst tabs arent really my speciality, however thank you for your comment, i hope more people see this and can learn how to properly review a tab