Creativity Music And Exercise

How to improve your creativity in music through exercise.

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Many would think of exercise a being scientific because of the connection to medicine, which is scientific. Both Scientists and Artists know that science and art just don't go together, the reason being, supposedly is that artists look upon things dreamily with creativity in mind, whereas scientists would rather check out the here and now mathematical facts. Not that artists aren't factual much of the time, it's just that science isn't usually their thing. But hey, things change. Now I have you believing that art and science don't mix, I can more than likely prove that wrong. Most exercise programs these days involve music, isn't music artistic? And what about the moves, dance moves, aren't they creative? Right there you have a combination of art and science because isn't dance a form of exercise and good for your health? So now, which is influencing which? There are some great creative dance workouts that are considered exercise workouts, but dance has always been a great workout. Even those slow ones when you're moving so slow your limbs start to ache! So now we have concluded that music and dance are great for exercise, so therefore the creativity of dance provokes the urge to want to move. Someone has to make the music for that creative exercise, whether you move by tape or CD, someone had to make that music to begin with. Making music can be a good workout too, for not only the brain but the body as well. In the days of no imagination, a good exercise workout would consist of standing on the spot doing bends, or twists, or laying down getting into other contortionist positions, and without music. Most people then weren't interested because working out was boring and that type of exercise was unwillingly carried out by sports teams and boot camps. But if you find a person that is a good combination of musician and fitness freak, you would be surprised at what you can get. Movement from music is usually played out in a beat, body movements, tapping of the feet, finger tapping all in time to the beat of the music, coming from a musician who is also moving, tapping, playing in time to his beat, working out. While he is playing he is creating, and the beat of creating creates more exercise, because along with the beat comes the movement. When you are exercising, you are concentrating on a certain beat and this is what keeps you in time and coordinated with the movements of the workout. Paying attention to creativity and exercise, have you ever studied a musician on stage, while you are jumping up and down, and bobbing around enjoying their music, they basically workout for about two hours, if not more, they sweat, move and gyrate, legs, hips, arms, hands and upper body whether beating drums or strumming wildly on a guitar. Not only that, to get to this position on stage they have had to work out for hours on end before that. These same musicians are the ones that create your fantastic musical workouts. You don't have to be a musician to embrace creativity and fitness. Although for some work outs it is a good idea to have music. Exercises such as Ti Chi are as old as the oldest hills, the movements are precise, without sound, but they play a melody of their own, mind mixes with the elements, the breeze, the rain, sunshine and just being. The silence soon holds a rhythm when the creative moves become a rhythm in themselves. The workout is balance of the elements and mind control, close your eyes and visualize. Creative moves in exercise don't have to come in the form of choreography, if some of those twists and turns a qualified Yoga instructor can manipulate isn't being creative then what would you call it? The more moves that are created the more fit the body becomes. When creating fitness techniques they are manifested through imagination and beat, no matter what technique is adopted they all create fitness when assumed on a regular basis. Because these creative moves are successful, it then encourages and invites more and more creativity for more fitness workouts. There are several elements involved in a music workout: The idea Creating the movements Testing the movements Finding the right music Finding the right environment Practice, practice, practice Making sure the process works to everyone's benefit Offering the challenge of fitness and creativity Introduction to the public Making music and music videos is being creative; it takes a lot of energy, activity and exercise to complete a project successfully. It takes more creativity to introduce dance exercise into that music masterpiece. Choreography is important when it comes to fitness exercise, a wrong movement in the wrong direction can create havoc with a body. Getting coordinated and moving with the beat and getting a rhythm encourages more of the same. It is invigorating especially when you capture the essence of the combination of creativity and fitness, and it feels so good.

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    Lame column, but hey whatever works for you. Leonardo da Vinci, possibly the greates scientist and musician, EVER.. Said to study the art of science, and the science of art.. Music is mathematics and physics. The more you know of these, the greater your understanding of sound and tone relationships, the greater your ability to apply the sciences creatively to composition. And albert einstein didn't always follow logical steps, he imagined.. Through his dreaming he made discoveries. Then through logic tried to catch up to his large creative leaps with a bunch of smaller logical steps.
    This article should be titled How to improve your creativity in exercise through music and not the other way round. Still it's important to understand science and art don't cancel each other out, they can work together to great success.