Getting Rid Of Stage Fright

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Getting Rid Of Stage Fright
I'm in high school and today I have to give a speech in English class LAME right? Well I'm a professional "faker of confidence" when it comes to preforming in front of an audience so... I thought that I would share my tricks and tips with you hopefully they are helpful Step 1: Don't try to imagine every one in their undies that takes too long and it might scare you more than you already are Step 2: Taking a couple of deep breaths might help you but... Really that just makes me more nervous Step 3: Make sure you prepare for it don't try to wing it too much at least know what your talking about or doing (Preparation is key) Step 4: Go into that place in your mind where mostly nothing matters except for balance don't want to fall Step 5: Put on that "who cares" attitude us teenagers have perfected Step 6: Know that every one out there wants to see you do amazing they didn't come to see someone suck just saying Step 7: Don't loose all hope if you mess up most of the time your the only one that knows what's going on so just keep going if you screw up Step 8: If you get a nervous stomach easily try not to eat too much before hand stick with water (also go pee first) Step 9: Make people laugh before you preform it always loosens things up Step 10: Good luck
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