Getting Rid Of Stage Fright

Man I want to be on that stage so bad but when I get up there I like have an anxiety attack not cool but I'm going to try to get rid of it for you and myself... Hopefully

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I'm in high school and today I have to give a speech in English class LAME right? Well I'm a professional "faker of confidence" when it comes to preforming in front of an audience so... I thought that I would share my tricks and tips with you hopefully they are helpful Step 1: Don't try to imagine every one in their undies that takes too long and it might scare you more than you already are Step 2: Taking a couple of deep breaths might help you but... Really that just makes me more nervous Step 3: Make sure you prepare for it don't try to wing it too much at least know what your talking about or doing (Preparation is key) Step 4: Go into that place in your mind where mostly nothing matters except for balance don't want to fall Step 5: Put on that "who cares" attitude us teenagers have perfected Step 6: Know that every one out there wants to see you do amazing they didn't come to see someone suck just saying Step 7: Don't loose all hope if you mess up most of the time your the only one that knows what's going on so just keep going if you screw up Step 8: If you get a nervous stomach easily try not to eat too much before hand stick with water (also go pee first) Step 9: Make people laugh before you preform it always loosens things up Step 10: Good luck

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    Good advice, but man, you need that english class. Your run-on sentences everywhere made it hard to read.
    "Your run-on sentences everywhere made it hard to read." That wasn't the greatest sentence either.
    The run-on sentences, incorrectly spelled words and lack of punctuation. If you can't manage the carefree attitude, then I recommend using your imagination during practice sessions - imagine that you're performing in front of a large room. Work up the butterflies and then start playing. You will eventually work through it and it won't bother you anymore.
    Good list overall, the most important of them all is step 7 in my opinion, in other words, if you mess up at some point just carry on, if you stop at your mistake and show expressions of dissapointment that you made a mistake you're only focusing more on the mistake that might have went unnoticed if you just carry on.
    As the awkward, slightly-perverted teenage guy that I am, I tend to play at gigs that usually have audiences containing a few girls I might be attracted to. #1 is one of my most valuable rules, for hopefully-not-obvious reasons.
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    Go on stage more. I used to and still do struggle with being on stage but it has gotten a lot easier the more I have done it. Also getting rid of anything that can lower your confidence or hide your confidence, so to speak. I used to hide behind my hair in most situations. Since it's been mostly cut off I've strangely managed to do things like being on stage a lot easier
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    The best remedy is getting on stage a lot. You learn that theres nothing scary about stages, of any kind. Being in front of people is fun. Go join your drama club or whatever. Performing in front of people is a blast. And what if things go wrong? Thats the best part! You get to make shit up! Address the problem! Its like real life, but better!
    Another one: if you're nervous already, or easily prone to get nervous, don't ever lock eyes with people. When you look out into the crowd, look above their heads, at the back wall. They won't be able to tell if you're looking at other people or not anyway.
    Step 11: Alcohol
    Funny. Alcohol is not the answer. Do a Google search on professional musicians performing under the influence of alcohol. The performances are pitiful and only serve to upset paying fans. Face your fears straight on, without the aid of a depressant or stimulant.