Gibson Les Pauls Vs Fender Stratacoasters

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Rock music wouldn't be rock music without Fenders and Gibsons, so Gibson Les Pauls (LPs) and Fender Staratacoasters (Strats) are the most famous guitars in the entire world. The raging questions are concerning sound quality, differences between specs, and histories, so there are so many differences between LPs and Strats. First of all, their sounds are quite different because LPs have a warm and deep sound, but Strats, have instead, bright and sharp sounds. The sustain, which is the length of the sound of a string, is so important because if someone is playing solo, using distortion, such as Sweet Child O' Mine', this guy needs the sustain. LPs have tons more sustain than Strats because of their body materials and weight. So LPs have a thick mahogany body but Strats have Ash or Alder instead. Another reason about sound is clear tone, Strats' clear sound is way better than LPs'. LPs' and Strats' specs are very different for example, pickups, LPs always have 2-3 humbucker pickups, but Strats usually have three-single coils or two-single and one humbucker.Another aspect about their features important to compare. LPs have one-cut away, 22 frets, mahogany body, usually rosewood fretboard, frequently a tremelo, a three-way toggle switch, and a glued neck. Strats have two-cut aways, 22 frets, Alder or Ash body, usually rosewood or maple fretboard, always a tremelo, a five-way toggle switch, which is too hard to switch pickups when in a playing, and a bolt-on neck. There are so many guitarists who used Gibson or Fender or either of them. Examples for Gibson, Les Paul, Slash, Jimmy Page, Don Felder, Zakk Wylde, Bucket Head, and James Hetfield etc... They are all good guitarists. There are many guitarists who used Fender as well, the examples are, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Murray, Yangwie Malmstain etc... Gibson is much older than Fender because Gibson was founded in 1902 but Fender was founded in 1946. Eventhough Gibson is much more older, Fender is so close to being considered the best brand, so Fender has come a long way from 1946 through today. Gibson and Fender are both good and old guitar brands. Looking at their sounds, specs, and histories, playing of both of them, Gibson is better almost on every reason because of its specs and sound.
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