Gibson Les Pauls Vs Fender Stratacoasters

Rock music wouldn't be rock music without Fenders and Gibsons, so Gibson Les Pauls (LPs) and Fender Staratacoasters (Strats) are the most famous guitars in the entire world.

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Rock music wouldn't be rock music without Fenders and Gibsons, so Gibson Les Pauls (LPs) and Fender Staratacoasters (Strats) are the most famous guitars in the entire world. The raging questions are concerning sound quality, differences between specs, and histories, so there are so many differences between LPs and Strats. First of all, their sounds are quite different because LPs have a warm and deep sound, but Strats, have instead, bright and sharp sounds. The sustain, which is the length of the sound of a string, is so important because if someone is playing solo, using distortion, such as Sweet Child O' Mine', this guy needs the sustain. LPs have tons more sustain than Strats because of their body materials and weight. So LPs have a thick mahogany body but Strats have Ash or Alder instead. Another reason about sound is clear tone, Strats' clear sound is way better than LPs'. LPs' and Strats' specs are very different for example, pickups, LPs always have 2-3 humbucker pickups, but Strats usually have three-single coils or two-single and one humbucker.Another aspect about their features important to compare. LPs have one-cut away, 22 frets, mahogany body, usually rosewood fretboard, frequently a tremelo, a three-way toggle switch, and a glued neck. Strats have two-cut aways, 22 frets, Alder or Ash body, usually rosewood or maple fretboard, always a tremelo, a five-way toggle switch, which is too hard to switch pickups when in a playing, and a bolt-on neck. There are so many guitarists who used Gibson or Fender or either of them. Examples for Gibson, Les Paul, Slash, Jimmy Page, Don Felder, Zakk Wylde, Bucket Head, and James Hetfield etc... They are all good guitarists. There are many guitarists who used Fender as well, the examples are, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Murray, Yangwie Malmstain etc... Gibson is much older than Fender because Gibson was founded in 1902 but Fender was founded in 1946. Eventhough Gibson is much more older, Fender is so close to being considered the best brand, so Fender has come a long way from 1946 through today. Gibson and Fender are both good and old guitar brands. Looking at their sounds, specs, and histories, playing of both of them, Gibson is better almost on every reason because of its specs and sound.

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    Strato-coasters are good for resting coffee mugs on. Seriously, though, this article reads like a five year old wrote it for a school essay.
    Dude this is a pointless argument. You have left out a lot including the fact that an American Fender Strat is less than half the price of an Gibson Les Paul. I am a Les Paul guy but own Strats as well and they both excel at what they do. There is no 'better guitar'. And by the way Leo Fender made the world's first solid body electric - the broadcaster, now known as the telecaster. Gibson only introduced its own electric line as a catch up to this. So if you're just comparing Electric Guitars, Fender was there first. And the Telecaster is a mighty fine instrument and personally one of my favourite guitars.
    Not true - the first solid body electric guitar was designed by Les Paul, aka the Les Paul xD I just rendered your argument pointless. Learn the facts first, the first solid body electric guitar was designed by Les Paul and produced by Gibson. And these two guitars are not comparable - they are completely different, suitable for different types of music and both on par with each other. It is a good point to point out that when the Stratocaster was first designed, it was built to be a "working mans" electric guitar - easy to customise, switch out parts and built to be affordable. The necks were bolt on to save costs and helped fix many set up issues present in set necks. That is why strats are so much more affordable - costs of manufacturing are cheaper and because they don't have the fancy binding, finishes or set necks. Les Pauls by Gibson are priced at a premium - they have always been marketed since the beginning on being workhorse instruments with great features, looks and feel. They are also much more expensive to put together - nicer finishes, set on necks, binding..... they are sold as professional guitars. Les Pauls were originally not popular, but when they became popular that was the marketing approach Gibson took. Gibson knew that they could put a premium price on them due to the demand and style. Although of course I am biased towards Les Pauls as obviously stated by my username, but I am just posting the facts and setting things straight.
    The Fender Broadcaster was instead the first commercial solid body electric guitar, the Les Paul was not commercially sold till afterwards.
    I will rock just as sweet and just as hard on any guitar you give me, but I still have a hard time choosing between my LP or my Strat, because they're each so freaking cool in each of their own ways
    You gotta have both, rhythm and lead, humbucker and single coil, can't compare them to each other as the go hand in hand.
    actually lloyd lore made the first solid body electric. It was known as the "frying pan" guitar. Leo Fender made the Broadcaster while working as a radio host. He created the stratocaster a few years after and then changed the name of the broadcaster to telecaster because of legal issues. as for the bonehead comment about only one could be used to play lead, Slash uses a 57 goldtop LP and Jimi Hendrix used a strat. end of story.