Guitar Battle - Beginner Tips

If you are a guitarist who has a guitar battle coming up soon, check this article out to give yourself some tips on how to survive it, and even force your opponent into submission!

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So here you are, geared up with your guitar and rig, ready to face off against your rival enemy. Don't know what to do? Guitar battle is all about trading off licks, phrases, and even techniques amongst two or more guitarists, facing off to see who among the group is the best of them all. Guitar battle doesn't have to include a band to do a guitar battle, but if you know what to do by following these instructions, then you'll be able to cut some of those rival heads! Tip 1: Be prepared. (Enough said.) Before facing off against your opponent, make sure you know who you are up against; make sure you know your opponent's strengths and weaknesses in certain rudimentary guitar techniques. Take some time to note how you can pull off your own licks to beat your opponent. Also, be sure to maintain your string techniques while practicing on your weaker elements as your opponent will do the same lookout for you. Tip 2: Try to be original as possible. Of course, you can copy off licks from other guitar virtuosos to throw your opponent off, but the theme of the guitar battle is to attack him/her with a skill that no one else has ever learned. If you must use other people's techniques, then be sure that you use it at the right time, or else you'll end up being disqualified, depending on the rules. Tip 3: Check your gear. Don't rely on a guitar tech to do every single setup for you. Try to do the setup yourself if possible. If you must hire a guitar technician, be sure to supervise the setup at all times. You never know if he/she might be secretly trying to help your opponent through technicalities. If all else fails, bring a backup guitar (setup by yourself) to ensure safety during the guitar battle. Tip 4: Intimidate your opponent before he/she intimidates you. During the guitar battle, it may look scary to go up against a professional who is of a higher rank than you are, but if you don't overcome the stress, and end up forfeiting, you'll lose more than a guitar battle; you'll also lose all the positive reputation you've had so far with your fans. The beauty of the guitar battle is that you get to attract the audience into thinking that you are a worthy guitarist to stand up to the crowd. Remember this, and you'll be a strong shredder in no time! Final Tip: Practice, practice, and PRACTICE! You've already heard this before, but your skills never improve themselves; you have to maintain them yourself. If you don't practice everyday, then your skill level will tend to fall. Practice everyday, and make sure you don't make any single flaws in your techniques. So there you have it. That's all the advice I'm giving to you shredders out there. Now, go out to the world and cut some heads!

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    caseharr33 wrote: Well it read very well, don't see myself doing any guitar battles though.
    This is just a plain scenario. Of course, in real life, I don't think you'll be doing many of these, I understand.
    I'm going to battle in about a few weeks! At the end of a "tribute to Queen"-concert there's battle in We will rock you
    jaytee_metal wrote: I'm going to battle in about a few weeks! At the end of a "tribute to Queen"-concert there's battle in We will rock you
    Well sir, I bid you good luck.