Guitar Care Tips

Guide how to care for the guitar in order to survive in the long term, as well as the stages that need to be done when cleaning.

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Some things that must be considered to take care of your guitar so durable and not easly damaged, you must know how to guitar care Clean Your Guitar Strings: Immediately after the play make it a habit to clean your guitar string, it aims to prevent corrosion in your favorite guitar string. this way is quite simple, use a soft fabric cloth give a little cleaning fluid, if you want to save money just use liquids that contain alcohol or thinner, if you want to spend a little money can use a special cleaning fluid guitar strings that can be purchased in stores nearest musical instrument. cleaning fluid in a single package composed of foam cleaners, cleaning fluids, and cloth for finishing. Is very easy pour liquid cleaner to the detergent taste, than apply to each individual string to both ends of the base string, after the liquid oil evenly on your strings, continue with the finishing process using a cloth, it aims to lift the dirt on the strings that already apply a liquid oil at last, done repeatedly until no visible stains string again on your cleaning cloth. Clean The Body Of Your Guitar: Clean body of your guitar is very important, especially if the price of your guitar is very expensive and should really pay attention to cleanliness and appearance of your guitar. after a long playing spots usually appear in the body of your guitar, is caused by the sweat from your hand are dry on the body of your guitar, for your guitar body does not use the blister is made of a soft cloth and use a special cleaning liquid body guitar. this aims to prevent damage to the natural color from the guitar body and raises no new spots that cause a noticeable color differance from the original color of your guitar clean the dust on the sidelines of the guitar could use a small brush, do it repeatedly until the dust is really lifted. Clean The Fretboard: For the simplicity, doing is the cleaning process of this section when you're doing phase change with a new string, doing was after all the old strings off and then clean the fretboard with the guitar body liquid cleaner, doing cleaning until all parts of the fretboard is realy clean. after that you doing istallation of new string. Select The Appropriate Case: If possible you are advised for the have a case, this aims for the protect guitar from outside interference, such as dust and hard collosion with another object, case consists from the two type, softcase and hardcase. for the softcase its much cheaper price compared to hardcase, softcase lighter when taken anyware at performing, but unlike hardcase, softcase can not fully protect mainly from the crunch with another objects. my suggestion, buy according with your needs is very require for your guitar. in addition, if you do not use your guitar in a long time keep your guitar into your hardcase or softcase, aims to keep dust does not stick on your guitar. Loosen All Your Guitar Strings: Doing was this step if you decide for not play your guitar in is very long period of time, this aims for prevent the neck on your guitar is not bent.This problem caused by the tension from the interesting string guitar neck that slowly over time will cause bent on your guitar neck. Guitar Position: For this step is a thing you really have to consider, notice the position of your guitar when you put it after playing the guitar, if necessary use a special stand for guitar is intended for prevent falling when the put this guitar in any place.

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