Guitar Signature Style. Part 2

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What You Will Find

In this Article I will teach you on how to build up your own Tone, Sound, Tricks, your own Style, your signature licks and much more. Unfortunately I will not cover all of the mentioned above in this article, however I will write more parts every now and then so you can master your guitar like a pro. In the Last Article "Guitar Signature Style (Part1)" I mentioned some Sound and Tone stuff which alot of people did not enjoy... but I guarantee that this Article will Satisfy your needs and will get you movin' to that road you have always wanted to go on. In this article there will be some things which where discovered and told by Slash (ex-Guns n Roses, Velvet Revolver), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and some others.


First of all, Let's go back to the basics... when playing guitar it doesn't matter if the people are happy to hear you if you are not appreciating yourself, don't play for yourself only either, but it's more a 75% yourself and 25% Audience, hope you know what I mean. Now, playing guitar is not about only the solos and how fast you are, but it's about how free you feel, how good your technique is, how much you're playing from your heart and how cool you really feel & Look. So before getting to the beyond point of discussing your future for your guitar start training your fingers and get busy with your guitar, once you feel like you're not a beginner start reading on, so this is why I'm not going to get so deep to the discussion, so until the next article is written you will eventually get better on your technique on your guitar.

Getting Busy

First of all, how do you get busy with your guitar and improve your Technique? Here's a step-by-step guide to getting a better skilled guitarist, even if you do some things mentioned below I recommend that you still read on and perform them as well, because if you do, you are following the right road. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting a better skilled guitarist: 01. Getting yourself on guitar and practicing some long runs for over than 30 minutes is the best medicine for your fingers. The muscles, no matter how much they're build up, always need better fingering, speed and accuracy. Making long Slow Runs along the fret board will get blood moving through your fingers. Remember taking it slow is the best solution, the more fast you do the runs the less accuracy you're going to get. 02. Doing 15 minutes Hammer-ons & Pull-ofs Runs daily will get your blood through your speed system running too. So after doing some slow easy runs for 30 minutes, start doing some Hammer-ons & Pull-ofs for 15 minutes and after 14 days you will already start to find a big change in your technique. 03. Trying different styles is good for your playing. If you're much into ex. Rock, start listening and playing some Blues and some other Styles. Here are some styles which is good for you to hear and play:
  • Blues - Which is good for your licks, feel and touch. Mixing Blues with other styles is really important.
  • Jazz - Which is good for your technique and your theory into music. Jazz can take your Music Experience a step higher.
  • Reggae - Good for your feel. Playing Reggae rhythms will get you moving, and start to feel and appreciate Rhythms much more than ever.
  • Metal - Good for speed, long runs and phrases. This is important too, playing metal will get you more speed into your hands, and you will be able to play better accurate long runs.
  • Rock - Good for your Style, taste, Feel & Movement. Rock is important today, as much as breakfast is recommended every morning DAILY, in this case, so is Rock. Rock will give greater results into your Guitar Playing, so get that guitar and start rockin'. 04. Jamming with different Musicians is very good for your Health as a Guitarist. Jamming with other musicians which you don't know/ better than you will get that inspiration. Getting into some Jam Sessions will help you and guide you; those good/great guitarists out there will help you to get better than them without even noticing. This will also get your "Shyness" away from your career; you will get more confident while getting to jam sessions. 05. Recording some licks, phrases, riffs, solos, songs, jam sessions...anything will get your experience on the MP3/ CD/ Recording side stronger. Whether getting onto a 24-channel mixer or a 4-channel mixer or just your PC Keyboard at home will improve your picking, touch, and experience on to recording with confidence and recording better quicker. 06. Listening to old music will give you a better inspiration than listening to New Music. No offence, but listening to old stuff is better, at least in my point of view it is. Old music is where the first best licks live, if you're listening to new music it is most inspired by old music, so why not getting original in this new generation and listening to old music? 07. Be as original as much as you can be! People today don't want you to be the next Hendrix, Clapton, Page or whatever... but they are waiting to hear a new original Style drifting back to this date today. This is why getting inspired by your favourite guitarist's influence is better. After all if you're into your favourite guitarist and want to be some what like him, get inspired by his inspiration. This is a good way of getting much better and into the road you always wanted to walk in. 08. Drugs, Drugs, Drugs. Don't ever get into the trap of believing that drugs are the way to get that special feeling into your music. This is not true. Drugs only exaggerate your feelings, so if you're down, you feel extra down, and if you're happy you're eventually going to get extra happy. Getting high doesn't mean you should start taking drugs. I'm not saying this because I went through this but, I learned from my favourite guitarists and learned pretty well that drugs are not the key to playing better, if you're on top of the world, maybe they will, but don't get yourself confused to take drugs. You're trying to reach your goal/ trying to be a rock star now, Are you already up there? No, you're not. So don't take chance while you're at it, you're only risking your career (I'm not going to that health stuff, you should know drugs are no good for your health, but for now your career is much more important), and risking your career might effect your life for good.

    Other Things To Know

    Playing guitar for just saying that you're breaking your record of time of playing guitar is not a good idea. When you're playing you should play by heart, and you should be proud you're playing, no matter how good/bad you are. If you want to be a Rock star or a great musician which you will experience greater goals you wouldn't want to play only 1 hour daily. Neither playing 4 Hours straight, as it will strain your fingers. Making sessions of playing is better to get you moving much better. Here's an example:
  • Play some runs and hammer-ons/ Pull-offs for 45 minutes in the morning.
  • Play some songs you already know for 1 hour about 1 hour after playing runs and hammerons/pulloffs.
  • Jam a bit, either with a tape or at a jam session after noon from 1hour to 3hours.
  • Learning new things and songs and making that special grade higher for another 45mins.
  • Before going to bed: Revise what you did this day, and play again some runs, scales, hammer-ons/Pull-ofs and get your fingers moving for 30minutes. Note: This is just a time table I used, usually I play for 4 hours daily, but this is just an example to you to show you how to play guitar at different times. So no need to play for 4 hours yourself, but obviously playing longer is better. This is a great idea of playing guitar and cutting your training to different times during the day. This is good because... Playing guitar for ex. 1 Hour and take a break for 2 hours you will get a better build up into your muscles, and will always take your technique a bit higher. Another thing, at different times of the day, the temperature is not always the same, so playing at different temperatures will improve your fingers and playing to get used to different temperatures, and gradually it won't even matter if it's too cold or too hot when you're at a gig, you will still be able to play the same, and you want make mistakes because of the temperature.

    Healthy Practice

    Practicing guitar doesn't mean play only songs, but improving your technique and style. Ex: you can tell me, "I'm eating so much", but my question will be, "Are you eating healthy?", eating too much junk food is bad for you, eating too much healthy food is good, but eating a bit of everything is better and Healthier. This is an example which is used in guitar practicing too, playing and improvising too many solos would be far the limit, and you should practice some Scales, improvisation and practically a bit of everything.

    How Long You Should Practice

    Practicing is like sleeping, the more the better the consequences. Practicing for 1 hour daily isn't as better, but you need at least to practice 2hrs - 3hrs daily to get that special something moving, Personally I play 4hrs daily usually, some times less, but I'm almost close to 4hrs. Practicing will get you better, but practicing so you could say that you're doing something is worse than playing nothing at all, so play with desire, pation and interestment. It's like sleeping in a way, the deeper and relaxed you sleep the better.


    So this is it, my conclusion for my second part of "Guitar Signature Style", hope you liked it better than the first one. Sorry for Bad Grammar that I might have made but I'm not an English teacher ;-) , I'm giving you advice, and want the music world to get much better. So thank you, and eventually next time will much more exciting. Here are 2 important Quotes from Jimi Hendrix which personally I really admire the quotes and respect them: The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar. Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you'll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you're gonna be rewarded. -Jimi Hendrix Hope you liked some words in this article, Peace, Lee.
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