Helpful Ways to Ease the Pain of Auditioning New Members

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Helpful Ways to Ease the Pain of Auditioning New Members
A rock band usually consist of 4 or more members. And it's not always as easy to find all the right pieces to the puzzle. Keeping in mind, you plan on playing live shows and recording together. 1) E-mail and text are great, but you have to actually call them. You can judge a person a lot more by listening to their voice. I'm not saying make your decision on his or her accent or anything, just use common sense on this one. 2) Make an appointment time and a LEAVING TIME. This is very crucial, if you plan on auditioning people, your going to have to let people go. So once the audition is over, don't let him or her hang around and be buddy buddy. Once it's over, tell the person, your reply requires some thinking within the band and you will "Call Them". Better yet, "E-mail Them". 3) Prepared songs, are a must. Have the person learn 2 or 3 songs to perform in front of you. If your band doesn't have any demo's yet, just have him or her cover songs of famous artist that best reflect the band's sound. - If your a thrash band, some Metallica. - If your a country band, some John Denver. Also be reasonable, and give the person a week or 2 to learn the material. What to watch out for.
  • If he brings his girlfriend.
  • If he brings his mom.
  • If he brings a CD of his own "material".
  • If he needs money for gas, to go home.
  • If he's too loud (Trust me).
  • If he's in more than 1 band (More bands = More flaking!)
  • If he's trying to be the 3rd guitarist
  • If he's trying to be the 2nd bassist.
  • If he's trying to be the 2nd singer.
  • Don't take the guy just because he has awesome gear (I know it's tempting). I know this might seem common sense to you all, but when I was starting I knew none of this. This would have saved me some time and some brain cells. Seeya.
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