How To Change A 6 String Acoustic Guitar's Strings

Hey, this is my first atricle and I am 14 so don't make fun. This is about how to chnage strings on an acoustic guitar.

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  • Acoustic Guitar
  • New pack of colour coded six steel guitar strings
  • Electric Tuner with Acou-pitch function
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers (may have to use)
  • Cloth and Guitar Polish (opitional)


    01. After you bought your new strings and are all set up. The first step that needs to be taken is to be removing the deep E 6th String, also the deepest and thickest string on the guitar. To do this begin by laying your guitar on a flat surface, for example a table and put yourself in front of your guitar, preferably by the first string you will remove. 02. Start unwinding your string by turning tuner. You can figure out by plucking the string and turn it one direction. If it gives off a higher note that means you are tightening the string. Therefore you have to turn in the opposite direction. Keep turning it until the string is literally falling off the guitar. 03. Once the string is extremely loose move up to the head of the guitar (where all the strings end) and uncoil the string around the tuning peg. Do this until the end of the string if revealed, then you will slide it through a small hole in the tuning peg. 04. Now the string should be hanging from the bridge of the guitar. The bridge is where the guitar strings are attached to the guitar, directly behind the sound hole, in the general area where you would strum. (See figure 1.) This is probably the hardest part about getting the strings out. You have to pull out the bridge pin, located on the bridge (see figure 2). To remove this you grab it and pull, applying strength. If you have some pliers it is suggested that you use them to wiggle the pin out. 05. Simply pull the string out of the hole that taking out the bridge pin revealed and your first string is out. You should throw out the string now for the end of it is quite sharp and easy to cut yourself with. 06. Now that one of the strings has exited the bridge and neck of the guitar, it is recommended to use the cloth and guitar polish now and clean the spots that were unaccessible when the string was there. It is always good to have a nice clean guitar to show off. 07. If your planning on using the guitar you should probably crack open the package and uncoil the first string. Look for the string labeled 6th string and uncoil it, being careful of the sharp end. 08. Now locate the small ball on one end of the string and place it through the hole that the bridge pin revealed. Slide it in a few inches and place the bridge pin in the hole. Begin pulling the string with slight pressure, while pushing the bridge pin in. When the ball falls in place, push then the bridge pin completely. Now place it in the groove on the bridge of the guitar. 09. You should now be able to pull on the string without it coming up, but now you have to get it all the way up the neck and on the head for it to be of any use. To attach it to the head begin, by lightly pulling the string up the neck. Bring the string an inch above the tuning peg, before bending the string to a 90 degree angle, while facing the hole of the tuning peg. 10. Feed the string through the hole and begin to wrap the string around the tunning peg in a counterclockwise direction. 11. Once you think you have wound it enough, its time to bring out the tuner with acou-pitch function. Put the guitar in playing position with the tuner on your knee, being close enough to pick up the sound waves. Once the string is in tune you use the wire cutters to cut the extra string. Be sure to leave some just incase you want to make the string a very deep note. 12. Repeat these steps for the other strings and once your done start playing!


    To make sure your strings don't snap always tune your strings so that the string starts off deep but then tune it so that it is brought to it's proper tightness. Never strum the strings too hard, for at some point the string will snap and one of those sharp ends can come up and put quite the pretty wound on your cheek. Always have some new strings handy incase one breaks and it would be quite effecting for whatever reason you are playing the guitar.
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      My wife's G String always snaps too... If you're a dude you shouldn't wear a G String though... Great Article...I needed it, let you know how I fair out restringing for my first time... Ha
      Nice Tutorial For The Beginners. By The Way; Anyone Know Why The G-String Is Always The Problem? I Was Retuning My Lindo Acoustic Before, And The G Was The Only One Not Going In Tune. It Was Nearly In G Then IT Snapped Into My Arms... Then You Know The Crappy Strings They Give You Free With A New Guitar, I Thought "I May Aswell Use These For Once" (Cause They Are The Worst), And I Restrung and Tuned The E-No Problem, A - No problem, D, No Problem, Then Once Again, Straight After The Previous 10 minutes, The G SNAPPED AGAIN!!!. Is This just me, or the rubbish strings you get complimentary with a new guitar, Or Does This Thing Happen With Everyones G String?!
      power1 wrote: you f u c k ing suck
      Alright then power1, where are all the amazing tutorials you've written? For a first tutorial, and considering the guy's 14 it's brilliant! Green_Guitar: keep up the good work, and don't let cynical comments phase you - I shall certainly be forwarding this on to my girlfriend so she can restring her own Acoustic for a change! *grins*
      Great lesson, kid. It is good for beginners as myself. I am 18 and I'm just starting and I had absolutely no idea how to change the strings. Don't let these want-to-be know-it-alls get you down, they're probably just mad cus you're smarter than them. You wantme to kick their butts for you? Cus I will! Lol.
      hey bro not to bad considering ya only 14. i remember when is was just startin out and i had trouble changin the strings. dont listen to all these ppl that are making fun, im sure a few newbies out there that read this and now know how to change the strings properly. And all all those ppl that are making fun..... SHUT THE HELL UP. Rock on bro \m/ 'l' \m/
      Nice Stuff dude, good work! oh and for the gay bender, power1, go suck ur balls...of what you have...
      power1 wrote: you f u c k ing suck
      it really doesnt it was a gr8 lesson for begginers well done. and power1 go suck a donkey
      bgarnham wrote: if oyu can't change an acoustic string you really suck also in the start it said that you need an electric tuner why you don't have ear to tune it? this lesson is good not for beginers, is for beginers that suck also for that kind of people is a good lesson.
      yet another nob end it was a gr8 lesson
      This is a good start. But am i the only person who felt left out or unfinished on how to wrap the string? I've changed strings for almost a year now and that is by far the most challenging, pain in the ass part of changing them. Also, maybe there should be something added on the importance of not putting too much tension on the head of guitar.
      bgarnham wrote: if oyu can't change an acoustic string you really suck also in the start it said that you need an electric tuner why you don't have ear to tune it? this lesson is good not for beginers, is for beginers that suck also for that kind of people is a good lesson.
      oh forgive, almighty master... give the kid a break!! besides, you can't expect someone to know how to change a guitar string at birth or anything. i could have used this. the site i used to try to figure it out [for i am inferior and was not born with mass guitar knowledge] had such vague directions i ended up snapping the string i was trying to put on!
      Great lesson, and +1 for the person who mentioned the peg winder. They're really helpful.
      good beginner's lesson. i just changed my first set, and have one tiny thing to add: my fresh strings needed a few tunings before they settled in & held tuning for longer than a day or so. that just me or does it happen normally with nylon strings?
      i've been playig carefully for 2 years, and didn't have a single snap until today, i've been dreadig it! But this really helped. I almost forgot about the gash on my face from that dang string! And i'm only 13
      if oyu can't change an acoustic string you really suck also in the start it said that you need an electric tuner why you don't have ear to tune it? this lesson is good not for beginers, is for beginers that suck also for that kind of people is a good lesson.
      I think 14 isn't a very good representation of skill... I remember a sixth-grader doing a friggin' awesome guitar solo for his school's talent show.... That said, power1 = 3 hrs. expirience.
      quality lesson especially if this is your first, i am a tutor and i would use it if it was not plagarism
      for beginners....but there are a lot of beginners in UG Didn't help me much, but will be a good article for some others 8
      I agree with Blinker2thinker, don't listen to power1 Just the fact that your helping other people with your lesson makes you cooler than him!
      This is a very good article for beginners, I remember when I was a beginner, I had no clue how to restring my guitar, this article would have helped me a bunch then. Just a pointer though, I would recommend investing in a "string winder/bridge pin puller", they make life so much easier when it comes to changing strings, plus you can get them for just a couple of bucks, and are very easy to use.
      ya watch out for those string snaps they HURT!!! thats happened to me alot and usualy when im sitting down or holding it weird so i get hit in the face... after a few times ud think id learn... but ya good job glad to see some younger people on here other than me (im 13)
      good lesson for beginners. im glad to see that some young people on ug are finally taking part in all the things that some older members seem to dominate.(im 13 myself)keep it up man.
      lol good job man, ive been playing for 2 and a half years, and could never get strings on right, so thanks a bunch