How to Make Money With Your Music

How to take the music you've made and actually get paid. The new business model, safer and more stable than pre-existing stereotypes about music careers.

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It's safe to state that most musicians, at some point or another, have an inner debate, asking themselves whether they have the potential to play music as a career. In all my time mentoring students, and even before that in all my time studying music business for myself, one conclusion has reared its head over and over again: Many people who do indeed have that potential never actually pursue it, and in large part give up before they even start. It's a real shame, considering how many people very well could have made it if they'd tried.

What's the reason for so many people selling themselves short? In my experience, it's the misconception around actually making money as a musician. We have this romanticized fantasy of the starving guitarist, banding together with a group of other struggling artists, bonding over the experience of barely scraping by, living a minimalistic life and loving it because of their music. If only it were widely understood the way the new music market is, I'd like to think that the inner debate would go far differently.

We stand to make more money now than has ever been possible before. The reason for that is twofold: The rise of the internet, and the downfall of the record label. I'm sure you've heard that optimistic stance dozens of times before, but in the following video, I'll explain step-by-step why they're words to live by, and give an actual plan of action that will show you the logic behind that cliched statement. Enjoy!

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By Kevin Goetz

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    I always thought: If youtubers make millions with their videos, Band X has to make $ too. o.O
    The really big YouTubers make a lot of money but i don't think any of them are millionaires
    Pewdipie is making millions out of youtube. There's also a popular makeup channel that makes a couple millions each year too.
    Dude, this is coming from who? After a quick look up of Mute Prophet you're not really the most reliable source. Also hate to break it to you but those "funny" studio-diaries are awkward to look at.
    I have seen many local and international bands, largely through work who still have to hold down part time jobs in order to make ends meet when they are not touring nationally or internationally.