How to Play '4'33' by John Cage (Easy)

This is legit the easiest guitar lesson you will ever learn!

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How to Play '4'33' by John Cage (Easy)

This is legit the easiest guitar lesson you will ever learn!

John Cage....he...he was something. He was an early 20th century composer who thought outside of the box. He has a composition where he sticks NAILS IN THE STRINGS OF A PIANO and wrote 5 sonatas with this "Prepared Piano." Another work called "Water Walk" is him making music with a bathtub, alarm clocks, coffee, and other random objects.

But the Coup De Grace of his work's is "4'33" He thought everything was music, INCLUDING SILENCE! This piece incorporates silence, and here is how to play it!


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Check out tab here.

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    It's a good joke, honestly - but it actually does not teach you how to perform 4:33 the fact that you cut the audio of the video during the "silent" part shows that you've misunderstood the composition, and yes, it is actually a composition. But this was a funny video so eh fuck it.
    The only reason why the audio cuts out is because the original version got taken down for copyright because someone on my dorm's floor rap played music and all the audio was removed from the video! How ironic is that?
    Calling it a composition is a joke. It's a tryhard attempt at being original at any cost. 
    Maybe, but at least it has a point other than "silence for 4 minutes and 33 seconds" which would be even lamer imo.
    This is the 20th Century composer for ya. Music can be very subjective from person to person. He thought sound the audience made during the silence was music and it was different every time. Here is a link to his song Water Walk
    This is considered music by some, and art by others. For example, my roommate thought it was an art interpretation of the mundane morning routine, and not music.
    I always tried to play this in Drop D and subsequently kept struggling with the outro (from 4:10 onward). Thanks to this video and the very useful tabs I finally mastered it! Thanks
    Changing to a thicker gauge may change your playing quite a bit on this one - it helped me, anyways!  Cheers!
    So I've mastered the song on guitar, but how do I nail it on bass!? Quite the conundrum!  
    Fun fact: The original composition actually consist of three distinct movements. It is currently uncertain if the lengths are "0:30, 2:23 and 1:40" or "0:33, 2:40 and 1:20". You don't do anything during any of them, but it is important to the composition that they are separate from each other. It's too bad that you were forced to cut the audio since that gets in the way of the intended purpose of the piece, but that doesn't really matter as you just made my day a little brighter with a bit of humor and an homage to one of my greatest heroes. I'm actually considering getting the score tattooed on my wrist. I'm not sure yet if it'll be a reference to the woodstock manuscript (conventional notation), the kremen manuscript (blank space of defined lengths separated by vertical lines) or the tacet edition (I TACET II TACET III TACET)
    Just play 0-0-0-0-0-0-0 because zero is nothing and nothing is silent so djent is 4"33.