How To Write A Song

This is just a brief summary of how I write songs. Everyone has a different style, but this is how I do it.

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Hey, everyone. I know quite a few people have written articles about songwriting, but I think it helps to have a few different perspectives, so this is how I write songs. First of all: I almost always start with the title. Although some people like to do this last, it helps me with ideas. I think it's a good idea for a songwriter to carry around a notebook, or at least a pencil and a piece of paper. This is helpful for thinking up ideas for several reasons. If you're having a conversation with someone, sometimes the most random things can inspire a song, like if your friend accidentally says something that rhymes, or sounds neat, you could use it in a song. But once you have a title, it's easier to think of other ideas. You can create a chorus off the title, and verses off that. Verses: For me, verses seem to flow naturally. I always seem to end up writing several phrases, and not deciding which one is the chorus until the end. In a way, writing a song is kind of like writing an essay in grade school. Although I always hated doing that, you have an introduction, several "body paragraphs," and a conclusion. You also have a chorus. Writer's Block: There are several different techniques you can use if you're having writer's block. Some people like to step back from the song; leave it on your desk for a day, and come back to it the next day with fresh ideas. However, there is something I've done that has always worked. Whenever I can't think of the next line to a song, I stop writing the lyrics and compose a quick melody. It doesn't have to be the melody you're going to use in the end, just some chords you know well. I play guitar, and I typically use A, G, and E because those were the first chords I learned, and I can play them without thinking about it (I'm still a beginner at guitar). Then, while strumming those chords, start singing the song. Don't worry about melody or it sounding good; no one can hear you. This could just be me, but when I'm not thinking about the lyrics, and just singing, sometimes lyrics just come to my head. When I'm playing music to go along with the song, I can come up with lyrics I normally wouldn't have been able to think of. I hope this has been of help to some people. And, people who read this and don't like it, please don't write needless reviews about how awful it was. I am aware that this won't help all people. Songwriting is a personal thing, and what helps one person might not help another. So I hope this helped you somewhat.

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    I always start with a simple idea, like you, and best is to keep this as the song's title indeed, since all you're doing is things that spring from that initial word or phrase, so the word(s) are likely to end up as first or last part of the chorus; which would definitely be a goodway to define your song's title. The thing i also do, is to find a word for the feeling i would like to go for with that song. For example: i'm writing a song about a certain moment in my life where it felt like time stopped, but keep the lyrics very universal, so it could be applied to if someone in your direct environment dies, commits suicide, or the feeling you have when your girl/boyfriend breaks up with you. Now, singing about it is like a therapy of processing that precise moment, and by doing that, it would indirectly be Aristotheles' (don't precisely know his name in English, I'm Dutch) "Catharsis", which means cleasing your soul by going through fear and talking openly about it. So a perfect title for that song would be Catharsis. Another song i wrote and performed with my band is "Deception", with the lyrics "Can't you see, you are hurting me, with your lies.", which is basically our female singer singing about have strong feelings about her boyfriend cheating on her AGAIN. Third song is of a different category, and is called "Wish I Could To You", since all titles being a single word is not a great visual on a CD-case, and it fit right in with the words of the chorus, "I wish i could talk to you, tell you how i feel. alk about all the wounds we made, and how they healed." This is FOR ME a very cool way to add another layer of depth to a song, like "Carpathia", by "Taking Back Sunday". S.S. Carpathia was a boat that saved the first passengers that were on the Titanic, and the lyrics of the song are "When, oh when, will this sinking feeling feel like 'man, that was ages ago'?". It adds a layer to the song that is so special and poetic, but only the people who are interested enough will find out.
    erics270 You can check out some of my music or buy my album here. Inspiration is everything if you ask me.
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    I can improve something good but after its done I usually forget what I just played its annoying ie. I wrote a great verse that was great with the bassline and drums the only problem when we went to do it again i went blank sadface