How Transcribe Songs

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How Transcribe Songs
I am making this lesson because I wanted to show you how to transcribe music. Transcribing can be tough and I want to show you an easy way to transcribe music. First you will need to download Audacity, it's free, Once you have that you can open audacity and under file you select import to import songs on your computer. Once you have your song selected, go under effect and select change tempo. I usually change the tempo by about 25 percent so type in -25.000 or drag the button over left then click OK. Now the song will be slowed down and the pitch won't have changed so you will be able to hear the notes more easily. You can slow it down more but then the song starts to get a little distorted so I like to keep it at -25.000. First find out the key that the songs in then listen to the song with your instrument in your hands and play the song over and over again and figure it out!
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