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With the internet offering ever more ways of learning things, aspiring guitarists should make the most of the available resources, as learning guitar online is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to learn.

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These days, anybody wanting to learn the guitar is spoilt for choice when it comes to learning resources. Not only are there countless books and magazines available but, thanks to the internet, there is now more information available than anybody could ever consume, just a few clicks away. This article will explain the benefits of using the internet to learn the guitar and show you some of the best places to look if you want to learn guitar online. Often, the best way of learning something is in your own home, at your own pace, with no one watching or assessing you. This is why the internet is such a fantastic learning resource for anything; it allows you to learn, with no pressure, in your own time. It's available to anybody with a computer, and no matter what you want to learn, there's bound to be countless products or services available to help you. When it comes to learning the guitar, this is certainly true. Let's take a look at exactly what options are available to you if you want to learn guitar online. Firstly, there is an enormous amount of written information on the internet. Do a Google search on learning the guitar', or something similar, and you'll be presented with hundreds of websites offering detailed information and articles, such as this one, covering all aspects of guitar playing and learning. It is well worth spending time reading these as you can often discover all sorts of new things about learning the guitar that might never even have thought of. A lot of websites also offer written lesson for you to follow, or exercises to help you learn. These are also worth looking at. Another thing you'll find an abundance of is guitar tablature. Tablature, or tab, is a form of written notation especially for guitar. It easy to understand, and there are hundreds of websites offering tab for almost any song you can think of, as well as specific riffs or guitar solos. It's a great, and easy, way to learn your favourite songs, although do be aware that some of the tab on some sites is of poor quality, so be careful there. Another great resource for people trying to learn guitar online, one of my favourites in fact, is forums. Forums are places where people can ask questions, or give advice, or just generally discuss any issues about a topic. They are great if you're stuck with a particular aspect of guitar playing; you can just log onto a forum and ask a question, or just browse through previous posts to see if the issue has come up in past discussions. Forums can be a great place to meet other like minded people, who can share their knowledge and help each other out. There are hundreds of guitar forums on the internet, just do a Google search for guitar forums', and you'll find them. Advances in technology, and the development of high speed internet connections, has given rise to numerous video hosting websites, such as YouTube. These really are fantastic as, at least with the larger ones, there are videos of almost anything you can think of, and learning the guitar is certainly no exception. There must be thousands of instructional videos on YouTube alone, and it's easy to spend hours and hours watching them. It goes without saying that learning from video is far more effective than just reading something or hearing it, which is one of the reasons these sites are so valuable to anyone wanting to learn guitar online. And it's all free! What more could you want? However, the quality of the videos does vary a lot, so you have to be careful. A lot of them are just people showing off their ability which, while entertaining, is not likely to teach you much. Some of those that claim to be by professional teachers are also poor, teaching bad technique, not explaining things clearly, or even just getting things wrong. Having said that, there are some really excellent videos on these sites. Try to find ones from professional teachers, or that are linked to established guitar websites. You want to look for videos that actually teach' you how to play something, preferably with multiple camera angles, and close-ups of both hands. Those are the most effective videos when it comes to learning. So, websites like YouTube are great resources for learning the guitar online, but it is a bit of a disjointed way of learning; there's no real structure to it. If you ask me, these websites are best used when there is a specific technique or song you want to learn. Perhaps a better way to learn guitar online is to find a specific guitar learning website. Again, there are thousands of these, just look on Google. These sites tend to offer a number of things. Firstly, they usually contain large quantities of articles containing information on a wide variety of guitar related topics, from choosing and buying a guitar, how to get a great sound, effective practice methods, and so on. They also usually have a lesson section where they offer written lessons covering a range of topics. Some of these lessons include audio, and the better sites also offer video lessons. The lessons on some of these sites tend to be a bit disjointed and random, whereas some of the better sites offer a more structured approach. You may also find forums on some of these websites. Plenty of learn guitar website are completely free to access, whilst others require a membership fee. These are generally better than their free counterparts, but that's not always the case, so make sure you check them out thoroughly before parting with any cash. The last, and in my opinion the best, way to learn guitar online is by using a complete downloadable guitar course. There are lots of these available, but the best I've seen is Jamorama This course offers a great combination of learning methods; downloadable ebooks to work through, audio and video to accompany everything it teaches, as well as helpful software programs for learning things like notation and aural perception. It offers great value for money, and a much more structured way of learning the guitar than the other methods we've looked at. So there you are. I hope that's demystified the available ways to learn guitar online for you a bit. To conclude then, if you ask me, and you're serious about learning the guitar, downloadable courses like Jamorama are the best way to go, as they take you through every aspect of learning in a very structured way. Guitar websites, and video sites like YouTube, are great for looking for specific information, or finding out how to play a particular song. I'm sure you'll agree that the internet is a great tool for guitarists. About The Author: Chris Lake is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher and writes articles for several online publications. If you'd like some more great advice and tips about learning the guitar please visit: Guitar Skills

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    This article is pure marketing. A quick search for 'Jamorama Chris Lake' on Google offers dozens of reviews of the site (which offers a paid service) written by him. If he is in any way affiliated with the site, it should have een clearly stated.
    Chris Lake
    It's true that I have reviewed Jamorama, along with several other online guitar courses on my website, and my affiliations with those courses are stated on my website. The purpose of this article was simply to inform readers of the many resources (both paid and free) which are currently available on the internet that enable guitarists of all abilities to learn and improve.
    A really great site to check out is justinguitar.com. It has loads of free videos, lessons, and other resources.
    Sign of War
    I'm completely self taught from using free internet services and the only bad thing about it is that it's very easy to just learn songs and techniques and completely forget to learn any theory.
    I have a teacher that is great to work with. He picks out rock songs to play that have barre chords that are tricky to learn. He teaches me anything from Green day to Volbeat.I believe a teacher you like is better then an online course
    Good article, just pointing out a typo...
    often discover all sorts of new things about learning the guitar that might never even have thought of.
    . There should be a 'you' or 'one' in between 'that' and 'might'
    i learned playing on the internet, the scales, theory, how to use amps, pedals etc. and i gotta say, i got best tips not from professionals but from amateurs learning like me who posted vids etc. the only thing i dont like with teachers is absence of freedom, for ex: dont hold guitar like this, you should hold your pick like this, 2 ups 1 downs etc. this is why I chose internet.
    Buckethead learned guitar by playing to the stone faces on the cemetery. Your argument is invalid.
    Somehow this feels like a Deja Vu for me... Like I've read this before.... either way. Online teaching is fine. but when you are a beginner looking on all different website, you're gonna get lost on where to start with practice, or how to procede.
    Chris Lake
    I agree that having a teacher, or someone to guide you is always the best option. But if you don't (or can't) have one there is plenty of information available online. Some good. Some not so good. It's just hard to know which is which. That's why sites like UG are so great.
    Yeah, I learned (and am still learning) using jamplay. I bought a few months at the month price, then finally bought the year because I really do like how that site is laid out. And between that and the lessons on UG, I have excelled greatly at learning guitar.
    Have any of you guys used or using the app Jamn (www.getjamn.com). It's designed to help guitarists become better musicians. In the interest of full disclosure, I had a hand in designing the app. If you have used it, please let me know what you think. Thanks!
    Still, nothing beats learning songs by ear and piecing all the chord structures and scales together yourself.
    For practicing properly at home, you can buy the iOS app stringwars from the itune store. It is like playing guitar hero with a real guitar. In addition, it allows the player to use any guitar-pro tab file for practicing. Not just this, users can challenge other players. The company website is: