Long Live The Guitar

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Long Live The Guitar
This article will give you all the necessary information about the maintenance of your guitar, this includes electric, acoustic, bass, mandolins, ukulele. I'm not gonna do the long paragraph about it, instead I'll just write a few things that, if you do you won't regret! 1. Don't use any kind of liquid [water, lemon juice, acid, dish washing liquid, soap, shampoo etc] if you do you're about to give a horrible disease to you guitar's body & strings. So better you buy guitar conditioner or wipe which is available in music stores, or else do not tempt it. 2. If you don't want to change you strings so often then try keeping your hands clean [wash your hand before you play, and wipe it with clean cloth after you finish, it'll increase you strings life span by 30%]. 3. While tuning don't spin the tuner too fast or it'll eventually give you a squeaky sound damaging the inner connecting rotor. 4. If you love your guitar and enjoy playing it then buy yourself a Guitar stand, which will give your guitar a nice place so sit around instead of laying around the corner in uneasy place. 5. If you go out with your guitar a lot, then you should buy him a clothes [by clothe I mean buy a good quality foam padded gig bag or flight case which is excellent. I HAVE MORE BUT YOU ARE PROBABLY BORED...
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