Make It Wit Chu: A Guitarist's Guide to Valentine's Day

This one simple trick will make all the ladies yours! A guitarist once tried this trick, you won't believe what happened next!

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So it's February 14 today, widely known as a little unofficial public holiday called the Valentine's Day. It's also a day when many fellas get an irresistible, unexplainable urge to play guitar.

If you happen to one of those knuckleheads, we are actually willing to reveal that one secret of getting all the ladies for yourself - no years of hard work, no decade-long forging of your craft and style, just a few basic steps. We also added a few extra optional suggestions just to spice it up.

The Basics

0. A Guitar

Preferably acoustic, but anything goes.

1. C–G–Am–F

Or the I–V–vi–IV progression. It's no secret that at least half of the pop realm has been using the four-chord progression for many decades to churn out various hits. Axis of Awesome have demonstrated this very nicely, chances are that you already know the tune.

YouTube preview picture

2. Down-Miss-Down-Up-Miss-Up-Down-Up Strumming Pattern

Or the most common strumming pattern ever. It has all the rhythm and groove you need and is equally simple to master.

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3. A Lyric Generator

Finally, shape up your tune with a catchy vocal melody and some heart-breaking lyrics. You don't actually need to put an effort into the whole thing, it's the era of internet after all. Find an online song generator like this and you've got the whole thing in a bag.

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Extra Touch

If you happen to be bringing a lady friend over, here are a few items to add that extra spice.

4. This Cheesy 'I Pick You' Guitar Pick


5. This Cheesy Guitar Wine Bottle Holder


6. This Cheesy Cheese Board



Or just screw the whole love thing! You know how the old tune goes...

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So whether you'll be spending this gorgeous cash-in holiday with your loved one, forever alone, or somewhere in between, we'd like to wish the whole UG community a happy Valentine's Day!

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    So my collection of shoegazey distorted guitar swell soundscapes won't get me a date?
    I understand you with my 12-minute 7-string spacey prog metal stuff, bro.
    My 20 minute post-rock minimalistically melodic, two chord, longass-crescendo however got me some attention - Mostly just questions though, such as "Who are you?", "how did you get in here?", "why are you naked yet have an inflanted condom over your head?" and "why are you playing the first two chords of wonderwall over and over?"
    I'm definitely in the Twisted Sister category this year, kept my cash for myself and bought a ticket for Europe and Black Star Riders
    That wine bottle holder is really cool. Too bad I'm not a wino, but I suppose it works with anything.
    If you are really serious, here are some extra tips: If you have the skill, use bar chords. They've been proven to be sexier. For sadder songs, it's really effective to just play a basic Am arpeggio the whole time. It's a well known fact that just playing the first 10 seconds of "wonderwall" will make everyone in the room wet. Everyone . For younger girls "Thinking out loud" also works.
    An alternative could be bar chords, and the typical island love song strumming pattern.