Making Your Guitar Playing More Interesting

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Hello, in this short article I would like to tell and teach you something about making your guitar playing more interesting. Most guitarists nowadays try to play blazing metal solo's, uberfast riffs and mindblowing divebombs. I'm fine with that, metal and shred are both great genres on their own. But what I think is more impressive, is if a guitarist can make some great sounds, with as few notes as possible. Kind of the 'less is more' principle. I will tell about something I do to practice this principle. The thing I like to do is take one chord and play with it for a while, without moving the left hand. Just try to keep the sound coming from your guitar interesting for about 5 minutes. Difficult? yes. Challenging? yes! And that's what guitar playing is about, challenging yourself, no matter how long you have been playing. True creative guitarists will be able to keep it interesting, you really don't need a thousand notes for some nice guitar playing. (This is also a good right hand exercise!) A little more explanation to the above, just start by taking a random chord, I prefer one without open notes, because then it's easier to strum muted. Some chords I really like using:
Try to play this in a kind of 'funk' way, many muted strums throughout and some good use of up and downstrokes. I can understand that it might be quite difficult to understand what I'm trying to say, so I will try to upload some sound samples. I know that this is just a small article, I can write more if you guys want, or even make a video. Just leave any comments, suggestions or whatever you like below, thanks for reading.
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