Music, The Internet, The Lie And You

So I am going step forward and try and make a small series of articals on how to start making money on the internet with your music. Use this artical as a beginning frame work. This first artical is to break some misconceptions of "Music, The Internet, The Lie and You."

Ultimate Guitar
Firstly about me and my experience on the internet, I started making money online in web development and graphic design in 1997 and began creating my own music online for my own distribution and sales by applying what I learned in regards to online commerce and media and media production. I work from home as an independent musician and artist/graphic design/web designer. This artical is just the first of a few I think I will try and do for ya guys assuming it is heard read and appreciated. So here is the first step. Make music, be it metal, rock, electronica or what ever, even ambient subtle sounds, mini guitar riffs or even 10 second segment samples. Start off small with 1 or 2 tracks maybe. I have a thing for metal myself so thats what I do. Anyways... Now that you got some jams, music or tracks you have to realise that what you created needs to be treated as an asset thereafter. Its business! Everything after creation is business period! You have to realise it from the start that what you have is like stock, its an investment and it might even be solid gold. Sure making music is fun and doing it just because you enjoy it does not mean you goto put it out there for people to just consume and demand more for nothing. You ever seen a Chef at a restaraunt not get paid for making excellent food? You ever see McDonalds just giving away hamburgers at the drive through? NO you don't... At the end of it all you made it and if people in this world like your style and had just a little bit of it they need to pay to hear it all. There is a misunderstanding about the web where everyone thinks it is all free. You know what? I am gonna break it to you... The legend is not true. Nothing on the internet is free. Period. Merely having access to it means you are paying someone for access to see what most "Drones" put out for free. Get out of this toxic mindset that the internet is free, because it is a lie. It is merely an illusion based on peoples hysteria. When you put something online for free its not! You are simply allowing someone else to capitalise on your work! Secondly give this artical below a good read: This artical gives some great definitions on the multiple aspects of the music industry royalties, rights, work for hire etc. The artical is invaluable. After digesting some of that you should get an idea about what roads you got and what avenues you want to pursue with your music or bits and pieces of it. Here is a place where you can get started on some of what I am discussing that is appearently straight forward. YouLicense is relatively new and I have not completely explored it yet but I just want to mention it for some of you guys to keep an eye on or even consider: I saw an artical the other day about a similer subject that I beleived was horribly wrong so I want to talk about a portion of it that irked me. P2P and Torrents. What is important to realise about using them is using them right! You can use them but do not ever, ever put a full track on them. Back in one of my phases of promoting and advertising online was using partial works on p2P and file trading places online. Here is the skinny on that. Take one of your songs cut about 30 seconds of it, then make it into a commercial for your website with audio stating where you can be located online for more, promote your band in it, do voice over, do a remix etc. If you are extra clever make it into a video segment to. Put it on YOutube, Myspace, Facebook, message boards etc. Dude... stop... Realise that what you just did put you in the eyes of a possible 4 million people. Wheres the cash box? Keep reading we are not there yet but by the end you will have one or two things to run with and by the end of this series you will have a larger grasp of what impact is ahead. Since we moved a little into internet promoting lets get to another important part. A home base, you need a web page, a myspace page, twitter, youtube, facebook etc etc etc. The more social networks with your presence in them the better. I am sorry to break it to you, but its a new age here, running around in a broken van is no longer necessary when you have the internet to work with. Sure a good tour or going out and playing is incredibly important to success but it should never be the soul of your music business. Some things to think about with social networks. DO not just make a band page and call it a day. Update your page constantly and just as another no brainer hook up each bandmember with each social networking site and in turn have each one of them link to the collective band page. What we are doing here is the beginnings of setting up a simple social network but most important to realise... It is an advertising network for your bands promotion! Think of it like this, you ever heard of 5 degree's of Kevin Bacon? Well think about the 5 degree rule on the internet. 5 degree's turn into 1 degree online. Think of it in theory that through the internet you can reach almost every single human being on earth. It is mind blowing, and everyone including yourself knows someone. Think about this stuff some, your feed back is totally welcome and in my next scribblings I will try and get down to deeper nitty gritty things but the above things you might want to do NOW until you see the next portion. I think the above can give you some basics and even an idea to begin making a few bucks in instant promotion and possibly even immediate digital sales. Next artical I am going to talk about internet based transactions providers and digital download providers and setting up a internet distribution chain and a couple other things.

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    Well I didn't like that this article basically had not much information in a LOT of words. Just try and make your next articles more to the point. I'm giving an 8, because the information was quite good.
    Before posting article s online, learn to spell, or at least get a spell checker. Everything you are saying just sounds like a tumble of words as you try and gather your thoughts. You sound like me when I'm baked. Take this first draft and arrange it into similar points under a heading, e.g. Promotion, Money, Distribution. Aside from that, I disagree with what you say, not from a moral standpoint, but from the way the bizz is going, what you suggest is not going to be sustainable. But that's beside the point.
    I would argue against putting only segments onto P2P/torrent sites. If you're unknown to everyone, who wants to listen to 30 seconds of a song, from a band they've never heard of? Most people would simply overlook it and never think anything of it. You can't be making money from the get go. That first demo should be free in my opinion, and I would be happy post full songs on youtube/P2P etc
    You sound more like the blowhards at a record company. Just sounds more Anti Piracy than anything else. It sounds a little bit like "do music for the money, it's a product." Like Coach Boon at the beginning of Remember The Titans "Footballs fun? You think football is fun? Footballs not fun no more is it?"
    all of the commenters points are all well and good, but the more money you make from music, the more time you can spend making music. ignore his point about the shitty old van, use both aspects. gigs and internet promotion only make up a small part of the picture
    This is a lazy salesman's guide to making money from vague creative talent. I work to make money, I enjoy money. I play music to enjoy myself, not to work.
    So many "periods".... You don't have the eternal law. An illusion based on people hysteria has nothing to do with free or paid internet; it's your conception of money above music. I upload my song to Myspace, it's free. 4 million people listening to my song, that's the goal, music enlightment and human sharing. Money = gigs.
    Or you could just give your music away, get recognition, then do shows that pay you $2000.00 a piece and sell merchandise. Your model might be good for making a $20,000 dollars a year off music, but I don't see it really getting you anywhere.
    200 online sales can make you a little under $200.00, for a single, if its in digital album sales you just walked away from $2000.00. SO while you are eating that 20 dollars at Mc Donald's just remember you could be looking at buying some new gear instead
    I suppose that,from a certain perspective,you have good points..still though,I,personally,don't like this whole music=business idea.I'd rather do a show in a bar that fits 50 people for like,20 bucks than make 200 on one song online.
    Cut him some slack... His spelling isn't that bad. A lot better than some on here. Nice article, dude. Some good points you've made.
    I will try better spelling next time around, but no not a foriegner, just the Californian in me.
    This article is just an extension of the usual Anti-Piracy garbage. Atleast I actually read the shorter ones, and this one has bad spelling
    I agree with canadianpenguin. What I get from the article is: 1. a song may have some monetary value, 2. an opinion that one should never put a full track on P2P or torrents, 3. opinion that you must have a webpage, 4. opinion that playing music publically is subordinate to web/social network updates. The tone indicates, to me, strong bias toward the importance of a website over and above touring in a "broken down van" and/or gaining perfomance experience.
    hildesaw wrote: I'm wondering what the "Lie" is.
    I should have clarified that...Is the lie that you can get success from the internet music industry model, or that the internet is free? I don't even know what the hell is going on. I should go to sleep.