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Some quick tips on how to get your tabs posted without wasting your time and ours.

Ultimate Guitar
I have been around the site for a while, but just recently I signed up and started contributing. Once I got a few of my tabs up I was allowed to start voting for people's tabs to either be put in or rejected. That's when I noticed the numbers of tabs that are simply not worth anyone's time. Here are some guidelines to make sure that you don't waste your time tabbing and our time rejecting. 1. Find Something New I don't know how many times I have seen someone post a tab that has been covered completely and correctly and try to get it up. If there are already 15 versions of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", we don't need one more confusing people on which one to pick. A good place to look is the "Requests Page", which has tabs people want. If you put up something in high demand, you are likely to get a lot of happy people giving you high ratings and lots of attention. The one exception to this is if the tab(s) already done are very confusing or messy, or incorrect. However, if you are to make a revision tab, state so at the beginning very clearly and well enough to get our attention. Also don't steal others' tabs! That should go without saying and there isn't much that angers people more than tab thieves. 2. Title Correctly Use the correct name for the song. If you aren't sure, spend 5 seconds on google and figure it out. Also, ONLY put the title. If it is an intro, don't write Intro in the title because when you post it as an "intro" it will say intro. Otherwise it will say something along the lines of "Smells Like Teen Spirit Intro Intro", which is just ridiculous. 3. Be Neat If you are going to take the time to write out a tab then go ahead and do it well. Line up the numbers, try to keep it on one page width, and use a reasonable amount of spacing if it gets congested. I would say don't worry about exact spacing if that makes it hard to read. HINT: If you do it in Word it won't come out right in the text version. That was my rookie mistake. Write it in the actual tab submission box(if you do that make sure to copy and paste it into some sort of file), but also a simple text program such as notepad, wordpad, or textedit should work. 4. Be Thorough Put some effort into the tab. If it is something that hasn't been done yet, we will usually take it. BUT, if all you put is a 3 chord intro to a simple song, we might not. If you're going to start one, go ahead and put some work into it. It's understandable to not be completely finished right away, but try to get a nice chunk out of the way. Important Note From Tab Manager: Before submiting a tab to the site please read A Basic Guide To Submitting Tabs. Have fun and good luck!

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    Always save a copy of your tab before you submit. I tabbed Pork n' Beans by Weezer when it first came out and UG decided to ditch mine for someone else's (which was identical to mine) and I lost about 2 hours work.
    I hate having to try and find a correct tab in between 15 frickin' versions. If a tab gets low ratings, can it be taken down??
    Hey, if you absolutely wanna use Word, just switch the police to 'Courier' or 'Courier New', and this may do it. However Notepad's the best.