Preventive Maintenance

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Knowing how to play a guitar/ bass isn't everything about being a musician. You need to know how to keep your guitar / bass in good shape too! I've written down a couple of good ways to help you keep your axe and you in good performing shape just read on.
  • Never let your guitar rest on its neck - this is because when force/ weight is applied to the neck it may cause the neck to warp.
  • When one string snaps replace all - this is to keep your guitar sounding good.
  • Use a string winder - you wouldn't want to get arthritis from twisting the machine heads now would you?
  • Never get the guitar wet - it explains it's self.
  • Wipe your axe before and after use - to keep it nice and clean. This also prevents the finish of your guitar/ bass from wearing off.
  • Don't just leave it anywhere - this too explains it's self.
  • If it does get wet wipe it right away - duh!
  • Don't be a hero - if the wiring of your pickup(s) does malfunction, don't try to fix your self-if you don't have experience with repairing guitars. As this may lead to more damage.

    For The Ossessive Compulsive Axeman

    If you're anything like me, you'd want nothing but the best for your guitar. So here are some steps to keeping you and your axe in almost perfect shape. Buys:
  • Dunlop Ultraglide65 - this makes old strings feel like new ones. Note: if you don't have much cash you can always look to baby oil to emulate the slippery goodness of new strings.
  • Dunlop Finger Board65 - cleans, and preserves your finger/ fret board. If you're a little low on money you can also use furniture polish (any) and alcohol to clean your guitar Note: use alcohol before wood shine, don't get the pickups wet, and apply the liquids on a towel not on the guitar. Do not mix alcohol and furniture polish!
  • Dunlop Body Gloss65 - cleans, and preserves the body. If you're low on money just follow what's written above.
  • Dunlop Formula No.65 - No.65 is practically Finger Board65 and Body Gloss65 put together.
  • Backup strings - you'd never want to not have a spare when your string snaps between sets on a gig!
  • Sting winder - duh! Just read the one above for a good description.
  • Guitar stand - so your axe will never have so sleep in the floor again.
  • Carpet / area rug / mat - to get good natural reverb Note: place your amp on top of the Carpet / area rug / mat to get the reverb. Make sure the Carpet / area rug / mat is at least 2 times larger that your amp so the sound can travel through the fabric. Do's:
  • Always keep your guitar and equipment in a nice-dry and cool area (make sure they get lots of air).
  • Always un-plug your guitar from your effects/ amp when not in use. Note: this is to prevent your input/ output from becoming loose.
  • Always turn off your guitar/ effects/ amp when not in use. Note: this is to prevent anything from overheating, and you wasting your money on batteries. The turn off your guitar part is for guitars, which use active pickups.
  • Optional: don't stick any stickers on your axe - the stickers will fade in time and will leave a mark which says this is what the colour of your guitar used to be. Either that or it'll leave nasty dirt marks (which appear when the sticky part of the sticker stays and accumulates dust).
  • Optional: don't re-paint - even if your axe has scratches its still worth more money as is than with new paint. This is because the paint on your guitar is the original paint used by the manufacturer, which adds to the total price of your axe. If you have it re-painted the original paint is sanded off the guitar then re-painted; thus making your guitar cheaper or worthless (in market terms). Thanks for reading! -Tim5150
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