Removing Permanent Marker On Guitar Body

Words and art on guitar are good for experienced people. If you're newbie on this (like me) you gotta be careful or it will stay forever on your guitar body/neck.

Ultimate Guitar
Maybe you had done "naming" or graffiti-ing your guitar and you realized that it doesn't look cool and seems like shit after you mark it with permanent marker. Recently, I put some text on my guitar neck with permanent marker that could last forever if I didn't clean it up. I tried using alcohol and wipe it. No hope. Until I found a way to remove permanent marker stain on wood (my guitar neck is maple or rosewood if I'm not mistaken) Okay, let's get started: 01. First you need to unplug it from the amp to avoid anything that could happen. 02. Prepare tissue, wet tissue, toothpaste (in this point I will suggest you to use white toothpaste rather than gel toothpaste), and old toothbrush. 03. Cover the stain that you wanted to remove with toothpaste (I know it sounds weird, but believe me it works) and brush is real hard with your toothbrush until it slowly disappear. It takes time to remove all of the stain. But be patient, because as far as I know, toothpaste is the safest way to clean stain without messing up the wood. 04. The toothpaste will turn black. It's normal. Repeat Step 3 until you got nothing left on your body/neck. 05. Wipe the remaining toothpaste with tissue and with the wet tissue. 06. You may want to use ear pick if tissue can't cover all part of your body such as small spaces. 07. You're done! The stain is forever gone. Thank you for reading this article. I'm sure if you try hard, there will be no stain left.

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    I Have no Soul
    A couple of grammatical errors, but very good overall. I would've never thought to use toothpaste on a guitar to remove stains. Do you know if anything else would work?
    *author note* sorry for those errors... i think toothpaste is the best answer, it won't leave any stain behind and safe for your guitar body
    Toothpaste worked like a charm, my guitar no longer has signatures on it and shines like new. Thank you so much
    Stevie Coffs
    Best way would be a sheet of Chromium-3-Oxide Sandpaper with a p1200 or higher grit desegnation (average particle diameter ~15m or higher will take off the staind but wont even touch the finish when used with caution) But dont use too much pressure. Let the Sandpaper do the work. The higher the grit desegnation the less of the finish you will take off but the longer it will take to get the stain off the finish. I use p2500 grit designation Cr2O3-Sandpaper (Chromium3oxide) to polish off slight scratches as well.
    It may cause some damages to the wood, in my opinion using my technique is the best way to preserve the wood
    george w
    Where can I buy this Sandpaper? The toothpaste took most of the marker off but left just enough to be visible. It actually gave the area a slightly shinier finish. Just what one would expect from polish.
    My neck is maple, and i did a great job making it invisible or new-looking
    Does it affect the colour of thw electric guitar I mean does the colour too comes off with the marker? I haven't tried writing on my guitar and I want to I'm reading this just for precautions... I have a black guitar... So what should I use to write with... Any suggestions?