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Whilst surfing the net I often bump into the image titled "Should you be practicing now?". It is an amusing algorithm of practicing musical instruments. It can be very motivating but on the other hand it can be very frustrating.

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We all know that there are people practicing 8 hours a day, progressing very fast, who are developing or have developed great skills. Some people don't have so much time to practice or aren't yet committed enough to dedicate that much time. In that case one might naturally think that he would never get big results unless he dedicated 6-8 hours. It is true that the more you practice, the faster you get better. But the most important factor is practice quality. In fact, in some cases you can get better results practicing 30-60 minutes daily than someone who spends 8 hours with an instrument each day. If you don't know exactly what results you want, how and what to practice in order to achieve them - your progress will be slow no matter how much time you spend. In order to make sure you get the most out of your practice time you should: - Get clarity on what it is that you want to achieve. Then you need to know what skills you need to posses in order to get these results. There's lots of information out there and you won't master everything. This is why you need to be selective and focus on the skills you really need for your development. - Find the fastest ways of reaching your goals. There are many possible options to achieve your desired results. Some of them are slow and others are fast. You don't want to waste time without purpose if you can achieve it faster, do you? Someone who has the skills you want to have and who has achieved similar goals as yours will be of great help. This is why it's very useful to have a good music teacher because you simply save yourself time. - Stay positive. Believe it or not, your mental attitude towards practicing has a great impact on your results. If you doubt your abilities, you slow yourself down. - Be motivated. Without motivation it is likely that you will give up once you reach an obstacle. There will be good and bad days and it is the way you deal with obstacles that defines if you'll be successful or not. Find driven and passionate people and surround yourself with them. Make a list of things and activities that motivate you the most and start doing them more regularly. And remember - the better and more positive you feel as a person, the better your practice quality is. If you're interested in the topic of guitar motivation, read more guitar articles on my website. Also subscribe to my newsletter now to get inspirational thoughts regularly. Author: Neal Wakefield

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