Some Tricks To Get Closer To Hendrix Sound

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Some Tricks To Get Closer To Hendrix Sound
What's up folks? First of all, this is just some ideas that came to me when I have been playing, although I don't have the ability to play exactly his music yet, the few Hendrix licks I know, sounded incredible with this use of my gear. You will need: A wah, and if you do, an univibe. A strat - it's other main point. I use a Peavey Delta Blues all tube amp, 60s Reverse Strat Fender MIM, Fulltone Deja Vibe 2 univibe, Bad Monkey Overdrive and a nice Cry Baby Original Wah. If you have a effects loop and an univibe, run it through the effects loop, personally I found the effect much more dramatic. The key to get to tone like this (search "ONE MORE TIME - Jimi Hendrix" in YouTube, this is a part of his isle of wight machine gun masterpiece) its turn bass and mids on your amp all the way up, and just let a little treble fly on, but if you play at monstrous volumes, maybe you will leave it at 0. This awkward equalization has a reason. Turn on your cry baby wah (very trebly wah) and leave it on all the way down, so you will achieve a fat very aggressive sound, almost screaming, but warm and not treble-deaf at all (if you leave the treble past 12 you may find it too trebly). Thanks for your time, don't forget to post something, it will really help me to post more things! Regards!
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