Song Writing Made Easy 1

In this specific article, we will cover many obvious steps or "guidelines" to writing a really good song.

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Hello :) Now, I am a songwriter and have been for several years. I understand the long nights writing lyrics and I don't blame you. I know..I had those days where I want to just bang my head against the wall! I understand. Here, we will cover many ways to write a good song! First of all you must understand that you have your own style. Style is the way you write songs. DO NOT TRY TO IMITATE OTHER PEOPLE! This is the worst mistake ever! I am a big fan of the christian singer, Chris Tomlin. I strived to write like him, sing like him, and have his styles. This put me in a huge and I mean HUGE pit! I was overly strict about my personal song that I write. I did not even play my songs because I thought that they were not good. Later, I realized that I was imitating Chris Tomlin way to much! However, it is very good to pick up "ways of writing" from them. For example, out of the pit I fell in, I wrote 2 songs. That doesnt seem like much but they were good! I picked up soem things from Chris Tomlin. Every little bit of music you listen to, influences you. Your brain is a self-programming device; you control what is programmed. So, with that said, by you listening to your favorite songs, you pick up alot! This helps shape your style. This is what makes your style unique in a sense. It's when all the influences you got, come together to form a song. RULES DO NOT EXIST IN SONGWRITING! I have been viewing several articles and I have noticed something very agervating. These people were telling you the parts in a song. Now, they are right with the parts of a song but when they say that it HAS to be in the song, that makes me very belligerent. There are absolutely no rules in songwriting! NONE! Yes, there are's like training wheels, it helps you START. Yes, as a songwriter you will mess up and stumble but when you do, you learn alot more then if you do it right. Song writing is simply writing a song from YOU. Do not commit to one style of music. It is simply what YOU are writing about. I love christian song writing. But yet, often I write other songs such as classical, rock, jazz, funk, etc... If you commit to just one style of music, you are making a HUGE mistake! You will have songwriters block often! And I mean OFTEN! I have had this problem and alot of the professionals. "Why" you ask? It is simple, you and I are all human! We all want to be like this person and we all want to have a song that everyone enjoyes. It is natural. Recap Ok, so this is what we have learned in this lesson. Songwriting MUST come within the heart, within your deepest thoughts, your deepest feelings. Song writing is meant to express yourself. Also, it is good to pick up a few things from other peoples songs, but do not go to far with it. Do not only stick to that style. Branch out to different types of music to get more styles of songs. Therefore, if you have different styles, you will have more people enjoying and listening to your songs. Do not go overboard with picking up things from other artists! This is the end of your first lesson. Join me back on Song writing made easy #2. Again, feel free to email me at Let me know how I helped you, or if you have questions or if my explaining was not clear to you. God Bless!!!

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