The Art Of Screaming

Wanna scream without shredding your voice to peaces? Well here's a guide to do just that.

My journey to learn how to scream started one night at the Whiskey - the band on stage was 'WWIII' - the lead singer was this tall, black-haired German guy named Mandy. He had a voice like early Brian Johnson of 'ACDC'. I listened in amazement. How could anyone scream so high and intensely for an hour and still be able to speak clearly between songs? I had only been singing for about 6 months. I could scream, like Axel for about half a song - then I was cooked - I was hoarse for three days I went back stage to meet Mandy. I asked him how he learned to sing. He told me he'd studied opera in Germany. I asked, How could someone scream like that? And he answered; It's the nature of the beast. From that remark, I gathered he meant you either can scream or you can't and if you couldn't you would never be able to - since that fateful night in Hollywood, I have dedicated my music career to developing a 4-octave voice and can scream intensely night after night. I've learned that The nature of the beast refers to an inner rage that compels a singer to scream. Early on, when I met Mandy, I wasn't yet able to scream physically. Inside, I was full of enough piss and vinegar to blow down a house with my voice, I just didn't know how to access it. I had to find the technique to support the scream I could hear in my head. True screamers can be a bit left of center when it comes to normally controlled social skills - we tend to run a little hot. If you want to get started putting your scream into your vocals, here are a few tips: Start listening to singers who scream. I recommend AC/DC - Back In Black, Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction, any Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden and Dio. Back In Black is my favorite for insane vocals. For females vocal screaming, check out Spike 1000, Janis Joplin, Pat Benitar or Otep. Female students, at my voice coaching studio, workout regularly to male singer's music. There's nothing cooler than a chick screaming, Crawling by Linkin Park. If you've had voice lessons in the past and have lesson tapes on hand, use them to warm up before you sing. Once you've warmed up - really warmed up, turn down the lights. Always have a fresh gallon of room temperature water on hand. Do some stretching and deep breathing exercises. Find a place in your mind where no one goes but you, and live there. Block the world from seeping in. Be sure you are in a place where it's cool to be loud. Before you play your music, make sure you know what the song is about. Often, while I'm in session with a student, I'll ask what they think the tune they're singing is about and they don't know. Welcome To The Jungle for example - is about moving to LA with ten bucks in your pocket, and being scared but not scared enough to go home. My best advise - be there when you sing the song. If the subject is something you have no personal experience with, connect emotionally with something in the song you can relate to. When you are ready try singing "Welcome To The Jungle", hit the opening scream. If you need to go into falsetto, that's fine at first. Here's the trick - before you sing, inhale deeply, your lower belly should drop slightly (making sure you do not shrug your shoulders) just inhale with the belly. Loosen your jaw at the hinge and keep your tongue flat and forward resting on your bottom teeth. As the opening scream begins, don't think of screaming it really high, think of it as if you were screaming far across the street. Two things naturally increase pitch: (1) emotion (2) distance. Your body produces higher tones traveling faster and further than lower ones when excited. As you increase the excitement in your speech, your pitch naturally rises. Higher pitches are more easily heard than low sonic frequencies. On your opening note, inhale deeply, loosen your jaw, flatten your tongue, get wrapped up in the lyrics and sing to the back row! If you've never attempted screaming before, expect a few soar throats for a while, but if you continue to do it correctly they will not persist. If you are a voice student, ask your teacher if they have experience with screaming. You will find that most don't. In fact, many of my students have told me that their former voice coaches have told them not to scream. Screaming is very fringe and difficult to do well, and few master it. When you visit my band site: you'll hear insanely screaming vocals that can easily sustain a long touring career based on the principles above. If you begin with falsetto, slowly try bringing in a deeper more chesty sound. The muscle used most when screaming is the Pharyngeal Muscle or Middle Muscle. It's a difficult muscle to develop but when you do, your voice will peel the paint off the walls! The sound of the Pharyngeal is like a witches cackle, like The Wicked Witch Of The West in The Wizard Of Oz My little pretty, he he he he! For men begin with middle C, make a HEE sound that sounds like a witch and for women start at E above middle C. Make sure it doesn't sound pretty and falsetto or thick and chesty. It should sound course and ugly. Next, use that sound and sing the first 5 notes of the major scale, keeping it ugly. As you go higher, tighten your belly, drop your jaw and sing far across the room, keeping it connected. Maintain the tone you establish on the lowest note throughout the scale. Don't let the scale get thin and reedy or airy and heady. Another good exercise that will help you to achieve the scream sound is to open your mouth as wide as it will go and stick your tongue out as far and flat as it will go and make an AH sound like when a doctor examines you. Do the same scale you produced with the witch's cackle. The best way to practice these scales are in half steps. Meaning, after you do the first scale, inhale and do the same scale in the same voicing, one half step or one note higher. So let's say the first scale is a major scale starting on A the next would be the same scale starting on A#, the next note to the right on the piano. A word of warning: Be careful. Screaming WILL tear your voice up if you are not strong enough. I strongley suggest taking vocal lessons for at LEAST six months before trying this. But if you think your ready...

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    this article really sucked. Linkin Park!!!! hahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha. If you want to listen to bands that scream listen to some Lamb of god, in flames, opeth, Children of Bodom, the list goes on and on. so next time you're gonna wtire an article on how to scream talk about some of those bands Not Nu-Metal like Linkin Park! oh yeah and how can you say gun's n roses and dio scream. i like them but god they don't scream. so go listen to those bands then write a new article!!!..
    HEEEEEL YEA!!!!! But HEEEEEL NOOOOO for the "this article sucked" try writing one yourself.
    These comments are upsetting. People who listen to good music are trashing good screaming. People who listen to shitty metal (Children of Bodom,Mudvayne( seriously?) are trying to defend it. This artical isnt related to metal growls so using those bands arent relevant. If your looking for dominant vocalist in metal go for Beneath the Massacre, or Cryptopsy (None So vile era), or Dying Fetus. silly people.
    I think you guys that hate screamo/emo/hardcore music are huge ***s. You think that just because a few bands scream the entire time, then they all must do it. Well *** you guys, and plus emo is hardly screaming at all. I don't hear Taking Back Sunday or Dashboard Confessional screaming much at all. Screamo, yeah, they scream, but it's ***ing screamo music. Hardcore is awesome and Atreyu is a great band, just because they scream alot doesn't mean they're a crappy band. And you know, some people, who actually appreciate the screaming, are into hardcore and screamo music. You guys really need to ***ing think and let people listen to their own music and get a ***ing life instead of trying to start fights of how your music is superior on the INTERNET. Just ***ing give up you lame asses, god damn, show some respect for other peoples musical tastes instead of whoring your own as the best in the world. Come on guys. :/
    nice article... people are right, screaming is over-used, but if used well, it's quite nice.
    Brink Hyren
    Great article, but you could have easily come up with a better band than Linkin Park to use as an example. Hearing a girl sing a Linkin Park song makes me want to slap her, it is not a turn on.
    Damn Right Mate, @ME09, Linkin Park Scream, Chester Benington is friggin' awesome..
    chester bennington is the best screamer in todays age. There is no comparison. Linkin park may not be a total screamo band, but that doesnt mean chester cant scream. He may not have the deepest voice or anything like that, but he does this thing called SCREAMING IN TUNE,unlike lamb of god or mudvane or those other shitty bands.
    i agree with alot of these guys,screaming is a little over-rated, the people need to learn to use they're voice to sing instead of just blurting out words that their audience doesnt even understand! every once and a while screaming is good but 50% of the screamo bands and death metal can't. there is a way to scream without destroying the words and hurting the song.... but over all good article
    "There?s nothing cooler than a chick screaming, Crawling by Linkin Park." Ummm... yes there is how about no one singing Crawling by Linkin Park.
    HAHA i like how you in cluded bands where women scream like Crawlin by Linkin Park
    nightprowler: lol Thats all I can say to an article like that. I like AC/DC and other bands that "scream", and occasionly some Rage Agianst the Machine. But when you start talkin about bands like Lamb of God who just scream their ****ing heads off and you can't hear a word, then thats just b***s***. They do that becuase they have no vocal talent. If you have no vocal talent, why the h*** can't you just be satisfied with your instrument? I suck at singing, so I just stick with my guitar. What surprises me is that some of those really heavy bands have kick a** guitarists, but really sucky vocals. I mean, come on you duma****. About the Article: Well you seem to know what your doing, but I can't help laugh at the fact that your post is entitled "The Art of Screaming". So many people have not posted because they are dieing of laughter of the thought of screaming an art. Screaming is a piece of s*** way of talking that regular people use so they can call themselves vocalists. 1/5 stars, just because you sound professional
    Your stupid.....
    Um....I'm not saying Linkin Park the most awesome band in the world, But Chester Bennington can sing a hell of a lot better than Kurt Cobain. He can't sing worth a shit.
    I find it offensive that you can write an article about screaming and not mention the person who near perfected it in metal in the 80s- Rob Halford. I defy anyone to tell me that's not an art.
    If you wanna hear some actual screaming, download maybe memories or sound effects and overdramatics by the used...
    BassBeats098: If you wanna hear some actual screaming, download maybe memories or sound effects and overdramatics by the used...
    used? haha nah.. i'd go with alexisonfire. now THAT is quality screaming.
    hey punge.. i need help. im in a band and practically im a good singer and our band has a good reputation.. only problem is.. i have a high pitch voice..not realy high just its not deep enough to scream in some songs. how can i scream like daniel johns (silver chair)example song is israels son, because its his type of scream that suits me.. i never took lessons or such stuff like that. the biggest reason i need help is i write songs and most of the songs i have written (should have) involved screaming. can you give me tips..
    I agree with Slaytanic Axema. Why the hell would you read an article about something you hate and then plague everyone with your dumbass comments?!
    unlike yourself i dont give a shit about what u say because i can accept that everyone has there own opinion.i cant stand music with CONSTANT shouting, thats all i was saying, and as its my opinion its hardly igonorant.
    if you can accept that everyone has their own opinion stop going and trying to change it. they wouldnt care anyway if they were like you.
    oh, yah, and good article, but you should've mentioned some death metal and black metal bands like mushroomhead and dimmu borgir
    answer to "ineddaband388": you might just shit on extreme styles, but try to imagine Mayhem with a "really singing" vocalist, would be quite ridiculus to me ! Extreme music goes with extreme sounds, and screams are perfect for really violent sounds... By the way, would you have some tips for "death" growlings and black hatefull screams ? (other than drinking whisky)
    screaming dosent nesecarly mean that stupid incomprehensible yelling and growling that comes from death metal and such. Think or ACDC or maybe Motley Crue's choruses. That is screaming, though in a good way. Hardcore and death metal vocals suck
    what the *** is wrong with you? death metal voices kick mother***ing ass bitch!
    If you are going to say bands that scream dont make it look at Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, Lamb Of God...yeah they might not be platinum sellers but i dont see you playing to thousands of fans...And Howard in Killswitch Engage can sing with perfect tone and scream his head off and still kick the most ass....I would like to hear you scream high pictch then stop and sing a slow soft song.....didnt think so bitches..
    (i messed up my name, 'DisruptdguitrisT') Good article. I'm not a big fan of the death metal scream that you can't hear the words to, but I still love screaming bands, like Lamb of God, Chimaira, and Opeth. Opeth can scream a ten minute song and then sing in perfect tone for the song right after that.
    nightprowler:Who ever said that, I worship you for coming up with the line "a bear choking on a ****ing mosquito". [POSTED: 25 December 2004 - 22:57]
    oh that was me, thank you
    Not bad... But i didnt like the examples you gave.... like RATM, Sound Garden, etc.... You should have named some of the metal bands.... I have a doubt... i can scream only at a low frequency.... but when i try to go higher i choke....any sugesstions??? (i have never gone to any voice lessons)
    there are a lot of bands that "scream" and when i say "scream" i mean shout and roar constantly through all of there songs, that the lyrics cannot be understood, it just sounds like a bear chocking on a ***ing mosquito.
    Who ever said that, I worship you for coming up with the line "a bear choking on a ****ing mosquito".
    CobainenHeralyn: Im sure Bon Scott was ACDC's front man....
    AC/DC's had more than one singer. Also, I fifth or whatever Kurt Cobain's screams. And the guy who said Chester Bennington was a better singer: Kurt was limited in terms of range, but when it came to energy and emotion, Kurt blows Chester out of the water. Also, I quite like Marilyn Manson's screams.
    two words... blood brothers those guys scream hella. i need to learn to do that but i cant for the life of me scream apporiately o and im trying to do a davey havok scream but its not working
    This is hillarious. In my opinion, screaming should not be considered a part of music at all. I am not talking about the kind of screaming bands like AC/DC do, I am talking about the heavy metal screaming. Don't believe me? Think I am a total f****r? Here's some food for thought. In 10 years, what music do you think will be remembered? Will it be the heavy metal screaming? Who could possibly answer that? No one. But we do have the past to look opon. In the last 10 years, 2 bands have been remembered,to the public, that scream. In my opinion, those bands are Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana. THAT IS ALL. Mostly bands that are remembered are classic rock bands, and vocalists singing classic holiday songs. You want to sing to make an impact on some other person's life right? Well, unless you feel like the 2 lucky people out of millions of vocalists in screaming heavy metal bands, you are out of luck. So do everyone a favor, and sing. Don't "insert incomprehensable yelling" because you have no vocal talent. It won't get you f***..g anywhere anyways. Well still think I am a f****r? Fine, you don't have to listen to me. Your music will never be noticed, but thats exactly what our economy needs right now, f***..g high school dropouts to go join a band so they can make some money. Well, welcome to reality pal, you won't get f***..g anywhere with that. Nobody has to listen to me. Doesn't bother me at all.
    CobainenHeralyn: Im sure Bon Scott was ACDC's front man....
    Bon Scott died in 1979 (I am pretty sure). This was less than a year after 'Highway to Hell' was released. Why God? Why do you take people like him? Take me instead! Just give me the albums!
    it may be out of your range, however if thats not the case go and take voice lessons or some how obtain a warm up/techniqe tape sutible for your range. the problem is your voice may just not be ready. use the tape to practice everyday to build strength both in your diaphram and more importantly develop your voice. depending how much you sing with the techniqe tape it could take anyware from a month (if you practice everyday multiple times) to a year (if you slack off) to never. I would personaly like you to take voice lessons and wait for the screaming. If you get to be a good singer screaming will be a breeze (just be carful). you will see that also your range will expand. remember the better you can sing, the better you can scream.
    i think as far as screaming...dustin kensrue from thrice uses a really different technique. if you listen to the outro of "to awake and avenge the dead" or the chorus in "silhouette" i get this feeling that he's screaming with his throat, full power and honest to god rage...something that anyone can kill their own voice trying. anyone else think he screams uniquely? btw, decent article, but don't like hearing those arena-rock screams, too high and castrated.
    I did,nt read this but, i think it was worthwhile making a lesson for this Does any1 listen to Qoueens Of The Stone Age they have an excellent song "Quick and to the pointless" The whole song is pretty much screamed but it sounds ***ing excellent Screaming is,nt easy some people can do it some people cant some people learn how to do it. Screaming is NOT just a noise